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Carols with the Choir

The children in the choir did us proud today as they put on a fantastic show for the members of St Paul’s Church. They sang their hearts out and entertained every one with their amazing choreography and Christmas jokes.

It was also very nice to see them mingle with our guests and serve them drinks or mince pies.

They are all super stars and so are their “managers” (Mr Collier and Mrs Barraclough)!


Mrs Hallworth


Reception sing-a-long!

We have been learning a few songs as part of our mini-beast topic that we would like to showcase for you.

We hope you enjoy watching as much as we all enjoy singing!


Year 6 African Drumming

On Wednesday 21st March, a man called Paul Butler came into school and taught our class to play the African drums.
We learnt lots of different tunes and rhymes and some people took part in solo performances.
After we learnt how to play, Year 5 came to watch and even learnt a song to sing in the middle,

Year 5 Music Workshop Day 2

Here are the photographs of the second day of the music workshop.

Thank you to all the parents who came and enjoyed the performance. For those parents who could not attend, here are some sections of the show for you to watch.

Finally, we would like to say a HUGE thank you to Miss Boswell and Mr Nash at BBEC for running the workshop but also surprising us with the gift of keeping all the instruments 🙂

We are so grateful and we now have a range of instruments in our school such as bomwhackers, tambourines, 5 ukuleles, maracas and many more!

Miss Charles

Year 5 Music Workshop 21/6/17

Here are some photographs and videos of the children enjoying the music workshop today with Miss Boswell and Mr Nash from BBEC. The children learnt two songs, how to play different instruments, make sounds with their bodies and also some information about soul music.


Year 6 Performance

Year six have just received a DVD from BBEC which contains the performance we did before Christmas. Unfortunately, the image footage wouldn’t transfer from the DVD to the blog, but there is an audio file which you can listen to.

Mr Platt 🙂

The Bamboo Music Man visits Y2

Earlier on in the term Year 2 had a couple of visits from The Bamboo Music Man.

This helped to develop their listening skills and sense of rhythm and pattern.

It was also great fun and very noisy!

Year 5 Music Production Lesson 1 BBEC

Today Year 5 went to BBEC to learn some music production skills. They used garage band to create a new ringtone for a mobile phone. They all had to choose different layers and build up the track using drums and string etc. They sounded fantastic.

Thank you to Mr Theakston at BBEC for showing us how to do it. See you next week.

What did you like best?What did you learn?

The Science of Sound

Working hard and having fun at the same time!

We have learnt a lot about sound in Year 4: we now know that vibrations create sound, thanks to our little rice experiment, and that sounds can be made by plucking, blowing, shaking, beating or scraping intruments or objects to make them vibrate. We also learnt all about pitch by exploring how to make low and high sounds with different instruments.

Well done, Year 4!

Mrs Hallworth

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem

Here is the year six song from yesterday’s carol concert.

Mr Platt 🙂