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Merry Christmas!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Year 1 Christmas Party!

This afternoon Year 1 celebrated Christmas with a wonderful party! We played lots of games including: musical statutes, musical bumps and pass the parcel. There was also lots of dancing and yummy food. We also had a special visitor …… SANTA!! We all got an early present because we have been good for Miss Galtress and Mr Collier.

We had lots of fun and would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Love Year 1 x

IMG_2954IMG_2960 IMG_2953


Spock and Zoob Go Home!

We were very sad to learn that the school holidays on Planet Zog have finished and so Spock and Zoob must return home. So the children decided we must throw a surprise leaving party for them!

We made a list of the things we would need to do before we could have a party.

First we needed decorations, which meant we had lots of balloons to blow up.

003 007 009

Some of the children didn’t need a pump to blow up their balloons!!


Next we prepared the party food.

leaving party 002leaving party 007 leaving party 011 leaving party 014

When everything was ready we went to find them in their rocket and shouted SURPRISE!!

leaving party 031 leaving party 035

They were very surprised but really excited to have a party! We played party games. First it was musical statues.

leaving party 055

Congratulations to our winning statues!

leaving party 059

Next it was time for party food. Spock and Zoob loved our buns.

 leaving party 063

And so did we!

leaving party 065 leaving party 068 leaving party 071

Then it was time for more party games. This time we played pass the planet and when the music stopped if you were holding a planet you had to do a silly dance!

leaving party 077

leaving party 093

After all that fun it was time to say a sad goodbye to our new friends.

We hope they come and visit us again!!


We will miss you!