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Year 1 Assembly


In year five, we have been learning about how plants reproduce. Today, we took cuttings from fuchsias and planted them in new soil. We are hoping to watch them develop their roots and grow into new plants over the next few weeks.

Mr Platt 🙂


Year 3 – Plant Lifecycle


In year 3 we are looking at The Flowering Plant Lifecycle.

The children have been looking at the first stage of the lifecycle, which is germination. We wanted to know, How a plant grows from a seed?

Here, we wet some cotton wool and placed two seeds on top. We then placed the seeds into a sealed bag and left them in the sunlight. We observed the roots growing over a period of time.


The children have planted their seeds into pots and will take them home over the holidays.




What conditions do your plants need to grow well? Will your plant have grown over the holidays? Can you bring them back to show the rest of the class?

Gardening in Spring and Snow!!

Plants, Flowers and Bean Plants!