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If you go down to the woods today…

We are continuing  with our bear theme this week in Reception.

We read the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Can You See?

 We decided to make our own story and changed the words! We did this by picking a colour and an animal and then saying the story in the style of the original.

Fantastic storytelling Reception!

049 050 051 053 063 077 060 078 079 080 081 082 083

I think our version is much better, what do you think?

The children are learning ‘Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear’ in rhyme time this week. Sing together and join in the actions!

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

The children have amazed us this week with their re-telling of the story, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. The children acted it out using puppets and small world scenery.

Bear Hunt 001 Bear Hunt 004 Bear Hunt 012 Bear Hunt 034 Bear Hunt 043 Bear Hunt 009

Some of the children even built a cave for the bear!

Bear Hunt 054

011 019

The children have understood the story so well they helped Mrs Browne sequence the story pictures when they all got mixed up!

050 061 088 097 110

We even went on our own bear hunt when the classroom bears went missing!

Bear Hunt 073 Bear Hunt 069 Bear Hunt 082 Bear Hunt 084 Bear Hunt 083 Bear Hunt 091 Bear Hunt 087 Bear Hunt 092 Bear Hunt 093 Bear Hunt 096 Bear Hunt 100 Bear Hunt 101 Bear Hunt 103 Bear Hunt 107

Bear Hunt 108 Bear Hunt 109 Bear Hunt 113 Bear Hunt 114 Bear Hunt 116 Bear Hunt 117 Bear Hunt 121 Bear Hunt 127 Bear Hunt 123

The story inspired our PE lesson this week. The children tackled different obstacles by going over, under, weaving through, sliding, climbing and jumping!

150 156 162 165 171 173 176 179 183 190 191 198 208 215 222 242 257 284 285

The children have really enjoyed We’re Going on a Bear Hunt this week and have amazed us with their telling of the story.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

This week the children will be learning the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. We will be doing lots of different fun activities related to this children’s classic.

Watch the video of the story with your child and join in together during the repeated refrains.


Keeping Healthy!

This week we have been learning about how to stay healthy.

Firstly, we discovered how there are germs everywhere and so it is very important we wash our hands carefully to get rid of all those nasty germs that can make us poorly.

1.Turn the tap on and wet your hands.



2. Pump 1 squirt of soap on your hands.



3. Lather the soap all over your hands making sure you rub the palms and backs of your hands. Rub between your fingers and don’t forget your thumbs!





4. Rinse the soap off your hands with water.


5. Dry your hands.



We talked about which foods and drinks we thought would be good for us and make us grow big and strong. The children knew lots of fruit and vegetables and dairy foods which help to give us the vitamins, minerals and calcium our bodies need.

They sorted different food and drink as to whether it was healthy or unhealthy then drew a picture of a healthy food plate.

Unfortunately a lot of the foods we love are not very good for us but we decided a little bit every now and then is ok!!

007 011 012 024 041 066

Healthy Eating 001

Healthy Eating 002

Healthy Eating 003

Healthy Eating 004

Healthy Eating 005

Another way we can keep healthy is to exercise and the children have been really enjoying their PE lessons. We have been using our bodies to move in lots of different ways, but first we need to warm up our bodies and get our blood pumping around our body.

005 008 018 021

022 035 038 043 044 044 052 069 073 082 089 091 103

After all that exercise it’s important we cool down our bodies and stretch.




The children really enjoyed making their own fruit kebabs. They used new skills of slicing, cutting, chopping and skewering their fruit.

Fruit kebabs 058

Fruit kebabs 062

Fruit kebabs 063

Fruit kebabs 066

Fruit kebabs 074

Fruit kebabs 078

Fruit kebabs 079

Fruit kebabs 083

Fruit kebabs 085

Fruit kebabs 089

Fruit kebabs 090

Fruit kebabs 091

Fruit kebabs 092

Fruit kebabs 096

Fruit kebabs 100

Fruit kebabs 103

Fruit kebabs 105

Fruit kebabs 109

Fruit kebabs 112

Fruit kebabs 118 Fruit kebabs 119 Fruit kebabs 122 Fruit kebabs 129 Fruit kebabs 130 Fruit kebabs 132

Fruit kebabs 133 Fruit kebabs 135 Fruit kebabs 137 Fruit kebabs 140 Fruit kebabs 142 Fruit kebabs 144 Fruit kebabs 146 Fruit kebabs 148 Fruit kebabs 149 Fruit kebabs 154

Look at some of the fantastic playdough people some of the children have made.

Fruit kebabs 025 Fruit kebabs 027 Fruit kebabs 028 Fruit kebabs 031 Fruit kebabs 036 Fruit kebabs 039 Fruit kebabs 040

It has been another fun packed week in Reception. We are very proud of all the children and how they are excited to come to school and have settled in to new routines and showing independence in lots of ways.

Thank you for your continued support.

Taking Care of Ourselves!

This week in Reception we will be learning about how to stay healthy through what we eat                      and how we exercise and how we can take care of ourselves.

The children have been learning lots of new songs about doing things by themselves                                            and love to sing and perform the actions.

Have a listen to their fantastic singing!





Our 5 Senses – Touch

Today we thought about our sense of touch. The children took it in turns to feel an object in the ‘feely’ bag and try to describe the object and guess just from touch what it could be!


“It’s round, fluffy and squishy.”



“It’s long, hard and sharp.”



“It feels hard and it’s long.”



“It feels like a spoon.”



“It feels hard and soft and pointy and it’s bendy. I think it’s a feather.”



“It feels like the shape of an egg. It’s hard.”



“It feels squishy, it’s soft and it’s got fur on. I think it’s a pom pom.”



“It feels bumpy, straight at the bottom but it’s bumpy in the middle on the outside. It’s metal.”



“It’s hard and pointy and its got something around it.”



“It’s hard, I think it’s white and a circle shape. It could be a stone.”



“It’s a circle, it’s hard. It’s a penny.”


Our 5 Senses – Hearing

In Reception we are continuing with our learning on the 5 senses. Today we concentrated on using our ears to really listen.

The children talked about the sounds they thought we would hear on a walk around school and if they would be different or the same outside.


We then went on our walk around school to find out if we were right or if we would hear any different sounds.




Back in class we looked at what we had found out. Some of our guesses were right but we heard lots of sounds we had not thought of too!


The children really had to use their listening skills to match the sound to the picture in our Soundtracks game.








Ask your child about sounds in the home. Are the sounds different or the same to the sounds at school?

Our 5 Senses – Smell

Today the children were learning all about our sense of smell.

We talked about some of our favourite smells.

“I like the smell of my house.” – Eli

“I like the smell of flowers.” – Eliza

“I like the smell of chocolate.” – Kierey

“I like the smell of bonfires.” – Phoebe C

And we talked about smells we don’t like!

“I don’t like the smell of pigs, they’re dirty!” – Evie

“I don’t like the smell of my cats when they eat food and feel a bit sick.” – Finlay

We then used our sense of smell to try and guess what was in the different containers.


“I love orange.”


“The onion is disgusting!”


“I don’t like this one – curry it’s horrible and smells horrible!”


“My favourite smells are strawberries and chocolate.”


“The curry stinks but I like the taste.”

I hope you have been singing along with the 5 senses song!!

Our 5 Senses – Sight

This week in Reception class we are learning about our 5 senses.

Today we learnt all about our sense of sight and how important our eyes are for ‘really looking’.

To help the children understand how important our eyes are we played a game of pin the nose on the girls face. The children were blindfolded and had to try put the nose in the right place with some very funny results.





We then used different resources to see how they made things look different or changed the way we see things.


“Everything is red and blue now.”


“It sparkles.”


“It all looks blue now like when I go swimming.”


“You’re big now Mrs Darbyshire.”


“Ooh pretty and sparkly.”


“It looks different when it spins around. You can’t see the bee anymore.”


“It’s weird and blurry.”


“One side of your face is blue and one side is red.”


“They keep swirling around. It looks like flowers.”


“I put yellow, red and blue together and it made brown.”


“Everything is blue!”


“They keep moving when I look at it.”


“I can see myself and you too!”



“It’s pink and blurry.”


“I like blue.”

We are learning The Five Senses Song. Press play so you can sing along too!


Let’s Go For a Walk!

We really are getting to know each other in Reception class and what better way to continue this than to go for a walk of the local area. The children were extremely animated to talk about all the familiar surroundings. They were reading signs and spotting numbers everywhere!!

We were very proud of how sensible the children were and stayed safe when crossing roads and looking after each other all the way.

Local walk 042

Local walk 043

Local walk 046

Local walk 050

Local walk 052

Local walk 055

Local walk 060

Local walk 063

Local walk 068

Local walk 069

Local walk 070

Local walk 073

Local walk 076

Local walk 081

Local walk 082

Local walk 085

Local walk 086

Local walk 092

Local walk 093Local walk 108

Local walk 111

Local walk 117

Next time you are out for a walk see how many signs your child can ‘read’. Environmental print is a fantastic way for children to see themselves as readers as they recognize familiar signs and logos around them.