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Let’s Go For a Walk!

We really are getting to know each other in Reception class and what better way to continue this than to go for a walk of the local area. The children were extremely animated to talk about all the familiar surroundings. They were reading signs and spotting numbers everywhere!!

We were very proud of how sensible the children were and stayed safe when crossing roads and looking after each other all the way.

Local walk 042

Local walk 043

Local walk 046

Local walk 050

Local walk 052

Local walk 055

Local walk 060

Local walk 063

Local walk 068

Local walk 069

Local walk 070

Local walk 073

Local walk 076

Local walk 081

Local walk 082

Local walk 085

Local walk 086

Local walk 092

Local walk 093Local walk 108

Local walk 111

Local walk 117

Next time you are out for a walk see how many signs your child can ‘read’. Environmental print is a fantastic way for children to see themselves as readers as they recognize familiar signs and logos around them.

Proud Moments!

Thank you for sharing your proud moments with us. The children love to hear what they have done to make you feel proud and we love to hear them too!

We look forward to sharing many more proud moments with the children.IMG_1937[1]


Fiddly Fingers!

The children have been really enjoying their morning ‘fiddly fingers’ challenges.

The development of fine motor skills is an area of children’s development that is a very important aspect of development and by providing a variety of activities and resources to encourage fine motor skills, the child’s overall development will be greatly enhanced. A mastery of fine motor skills is essential for writing and all creative and artistic activities. These practical sessions will help the children develop strength and coordination through enjoyable fine motor activities ready for the added challenge of writing.

Threading shapes really was ‘fiddly’ but the children persevered!


Local walk 004

Local walk 035

Local walk 033

Local walk 039

Trying to pick up pom poms with tweezers really tested children’s finger strength!

Local walk 007

Local walk 008



Working together the children were able to complete our jigsaws.




Dough Gym enables children to develop upper body, gross motor large movements and also fine motor skills through ‘exercises’ using dough.





Local walk 027

We will be continuing with our ‘fiddly finger’ challenges each morning by feeding tennis balls, threading pasta shapes on to spaghetti, stretching elastic bands on peg boards, screwing nuts and bolts and weaving ribbon and many more weird and wonderful ways to help your children develop their fine motor skills which will aid their pencil grip for the tricky challenge of writing.


A Fantastic Start in Reception!

This gallery contains 40 photos.

What a fantastic start to the school year the Reception children have made! They have been so enthusiastic with their learning and trying lots of new things in provision, we have been so proud of …Read More