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London Residential!

Last week, we traveled to London for our end of year residential! We had a fantastic time and got to visit some wonderful places: Tower Bridge, the theater and Wembley to name a few. ¬†Throughout the trip, the children behaved impeccably – they were a credit to St Paul’s Primary School and their parents. A big thanks to Mr Platt Snr, Mrs Lupton, Mr Daynes, Miss Charles, Mr Collier and Mrs Cook for accompanying us on our trip. Below are some photos from our trip.

Well done children – this was a fantastic way to end your time at St Paul’s!

Mr Platt ūüôā x


Year 6 London

Year 6 had an absolutely fantastic time in London and so did the staff. Lots of the staff on our visits around London, including the staff at Wembley and Houses of Parliament, commented on their good behaviour and their questions. The children were a credit to the school and a pleasure to take on the trip.

Well done Year 6!

Here are some photos and videos of the trip.

Year 3 Residential to Alnwick Castle

On the 26th of May 2016, Year 3 went to Alnwick Castle as part of their topic on Castles.

We set off early from school as the journey to Alnwick castle was over 2 hours long. When we arrived at Alnwick Youth Hostel, where we were staying, we quickly had our lunch and headed out to enjoy a fun-packed afternoon at the castle.

The children explored the¬†Knight’s¬†Quest arena,¬†where¬†they played various medieval games such as: archery, rat catching, quoits and¬†they also enjoyed taking part in ‘Storming the Barbican’.¬†¬† In the evening, we¬†also managed to celebrate a birthday!

The following day we travelled to the Dalby Forest, where the children had their lunch and played in the play area. We then jumped back on the coach and headed back to school.

The children had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They learnt so many new facts such as: what soldiers wore in battle, the history of Alnwick Castle and facts about Harry Hotspur!

Can Year 3 share facts that they have learnt?

Here are some of our pictures,

Year 4 Residential

All the children arrived safely in Eskdale yesterday afternoon. We hope they have had a brilliant first night and a great day today.

Year 4 Residential.

Year 4 will be setting off on their residential on Wednesday 4th May.

If anyone has any queries or concerns please don’t hesitate to speak to myself or the office.

Remember any medication needs to be logged and signed for and it would help if this was done before Wed, as we don’t want to be hanging around too long.

5 days and counting ūüôā – 2 school days.
Miss B x