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Year 1 in St. Annes

Manchester Airport

Last week, year five visited Manchester Airport to enhance our topic of flight! Everyone had a great day as we were shown around by two fantastic hosts – Neil and Elaine. There are some photos from our day below. I will be choosing our best recount of the trip and posting it on the blog within the next few days!

Mr Platt ūüôā¬†


Year 3’s trip to the Mandir

On the 23rd November Year 3 went on a trip to the Hindu Temple also known as the Mandir.

We were invited in to the temple and shown to the worship room where we got to see all the Hindu Gods and learn lots of interesting things.

We learnt all the Hindu Gods names – well 10 of them, about Hindu weddings and also about what the Hindus might have in a shrine at home.

We had a fantastic time and felt so welcomed, the Hindu priest also gave us a gift as we left.

Year 5 Cartwright Hall and Lister Park

Today Year 5 went on a trip to Cartwright Hall and Lister Park, in Bradford. In the morning we had a workshop where we learnt about noticing things around us, sketching and printing. The children looked at the exhibitions and sketched different parts of artwork of their choice.  Their artwork was super and they tried so hard to create original prints.

After, we had a picnic outside in the sunshine. We then went for a walk around the lake and a play in the park.

Well done Year 5, you were very good at art and extremely well behaved and polite.

Well done!

Year 5 Trip to Tatton Park 5.4.2017

Today Year 5 went on a trip to Tatton Park / Tatton Dale Home Farm. They were treat like evacuees from start to finish! They all had the chance to experience what life was like for an evacuee on the farm. They learnt about the farm animals and how to milk a cow. They looked inside the house they may have lived in as well as looking at the stables and the equipment used in the land army. They were all  very surprised when the air-raid siren went off at the end of the day too!

The staff there commented on how wonderful the children behaved and that they were a credit to the school. Well done Year 5! Hope you had a great day and learnt lots. I certainly did.

Tell me your favourite part or something you learnt.

Reception Class Visit to St. Leonard’s Farm!

Year 6 London Update

We are currently at the theatre waiting for Charlie and the chocolate factory to start. We have had a super busy day travelling around London and exploring the sights. We loved the boat tour. We are glad to relax now and watch the show now.


Year 6 London News

Hello, year 6 are having an amazing time already. We had a great journey down, making good time and then went to the science museum. Most of the children had Spag Bol or jacket potato for tea and chocolate cake.

The bus tour was very fun too, myself, Mrs Cook and Mr Bland all had a go at being the tour guide on the microphone. We saw lots of sights and went on the London Bridge.

Lots of fun tomorrow.


All tucked up in bed and asleep!!

Night, Miss C x

Year 3 visit to Bradford Cathedral

Year 3 Residential to Alnwick Castle

On the 26th of May 2016, Year 3 went to Alnwick Castle as part of their topic on Castles.

We set off early from school as the journey to Alnwick castle was over 2 hours long. When we arrived at Alnwick Youth Hostel, where we were staying, we quickly had our lunch and headed out to enjoy a fun-packed afternoon at the castle.

The children explored the¬†Knight’s¬†Quest arena,¬†where¬†they played various medieval games such as: archery, rat catching, quoits and¬†they also enjoyed taking part in ‘Storming the Barbican’.¬†¬† In the evening, we¬†also managed to celebrate a birthday!

The following day we travelled to the Dalby Forest, where the children had their lunch and played in the play area. We then jumped back on the coach and headed back to school.

The children had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They learnt so many new facts such as: what soldiers wore in battle, the history of Alnwick Castle and facts about Harry Hotspur!

Can Year 3 share facts that they have learnt?

Here are some of our pictures,