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This half term, in year five, we have learnt all about space. This was in  science and topic! In science we learnt all about spherical bodies, the planets, night and day, the sun, earth and the moon. We learnt about Sputnik, the space race and different astronauts in topic! We also performed an assembly all about space. Here are some photos from it:

Mr Platt 🙂


Year 5 – Spring 1

This half term in year five our topic is Space! As part of our topic, a space dome will be visiting St Paul’s!

For most of the half term we will be joined by Miss Goodwin, a student teacher from Farfield who is coming to us to gain experience of working in another setting.

This term we are learning:

  • Maths – Multiplication, Division, Fractions and Decimals
  • English – Winter Poems, Journey Stories and Explanation Texts
  • Topic – Space
  • Science – Space
  • PE   – Gym
  • ICT – Audio

Mr Platt 🙂

Spock and Zoob’s Leaving Party!

Alien Landing in Reception!


Yesterday in year 5, we had the chance to enter a Planetarium! It was a really interesting experience and we learnt lots of different things. We couldn’t take any pictures as it was really dark, but we will remember our time in the Planetarium as it was so interesting!

Year 5:)

Year 5 – Spring 1

Mr Platt to Year 5!

We have been back at school for two weeks now and I’m sure you know that this half term we will be learning about the following:

  • Maths – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
  • English – Biographies, Autobiographies and Story Writing
  • Topic – Space
  • PE – Gymnastics
  • Problem Solving Maths – Acting Out and Trial & Improvement
  • ICT – Spreadsheets with Data Handling

I hope that you have enjoyed our topics so far. What can you tell me about Space? Is there any subject that you have particularly enjoyed?

Mr Platt 🙂

The Solar System

Since we have had our alien visitors in Reception we have been fascinated by what might be really out there. So this week we have been learning lots about Space and the planets we find there.

This song has helped us to find out information about the different planets.

The children have written their own non-fiction book all about the different planets to tell others about the facts they have learnt.

The children learnt the order of the planets and knew that they orbit the sun.

041 051

We used pastels to create our own solar system pictures.

125 129

planets 001 planets 002 planets 003 planets 004 planets 005 planets 006 planets 007

Listen to our fabulous planet song.