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Year 5 Paralympics Work

Today in class we watched this video and talked about disabilities.

“They can do anything we do – just in a different way” Renae

“They have a lot of perseverance” Poppy

“It’s awesome and cool! Coban

“In blind football they use their other senses to help them” Carter

England vs Wales Thursday 16.6.2016

Euro 2016 England vs Wales

CaptureCapture wales

England and Wales are set to meet in the second of the Euro 2016 group stages matches this Thursday.

The children are welcome to come dressed in ‘Euros’ theme non-uniform, football shirts, colours etc.

The match kicks off at 2pm so children, who would like to, can watch the game together in the hall. Children in years 2 and above are also invited to continue watching the game after school until 4pm.

COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss C 🙂