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Year 4 Spring Term 1

Happy New Year to everyone!!

This half term we are learning:

  • Maths: Geometry (Types of lines, angles, 2D and 3D shapes)
  • English: Poetry (Rhythm and Rap poems), Myths and Legends, Instructions
  • Science: Sound
  • Topic: Ancient Egypt
  • RE: Epiphany, Hinduism (What does it mean to be a Hindu today?)
  • PSHE: Honesty
  • Art/DT: Egyptian Art
  • PE (Tuesdays): Gymnastics
  • ICT: Fact files (Word)

Dates to note:

18th January: Visit to Bradford Cathedral and Kala Salam

9th February: Egyptian workshop

PE lessons are on Wednesdays

Mrs Hallworth

Year 4 Summer 2

This half term we are learning:

  • Maths:Data handling and statistics
  • English: Poetry(Acrostic Poems), wishing stories
  • Science: Electricity
  • Topic:Romans
  • RE: Pentecost and Sikhism
  • PSHE: Thankfulness
  • Art/DT: Making Roman shields,mosaics and a model of the Coliseum
  • PE (Mondays): Rugby and Athletics
  • ICT: Collect, evaluate and present data

Dates to note:

19th-21st June: Residential

23rd June: Visit to Lapage Primary School

7th July: Sports Day

11th July: Lapage primary to visit St Paul’s

14th July; French Day

PE lessons are now on Monday with a rugby coach

Year 4 Spring 2

Welcome back, everyone!

This  half term we are learning:

  • Maths:Telling the time, converting units of time, weight, capacity and measure
  • English: Poetry(Nonsense poems), warning stories, instructions
  • Science: Animals including humans
  • Topic: Global food
  • RE: Shrove Tuesday, Lent, Easter
  • PSHE: Respect
  • Art/DT: Paul Cezanne(“Still LIfe” paintings), drawing and paintings fruit, making a fruit salad and rice dishes
  • PE(Tuesdays): Ball games, hockey
  • ICT: Design, write and debug programs

Dates to note:

  • 6th &7th March: Parents evenings
  • 9th March: Visit to Bradford Cathedral and Kala Salam
  • PE lessons are now on Tuesdays

Mrs Hallworth