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Year 6 Whitby Trip 6.10.2017

Last Friday, Year 6 went to Whitby as part of their topic and English work.

We had an amazing day, the sun shone all day, we paddled in the sea, had an ice-cream, looked in the shops and went up and down the 199 steps.

The children were a credit to the school and we had a lovely day spotting the sights in Whitby and the book Room 13.

Here are some photos and a video of our day.

Well done Year 6!

Miss C 🙂

Year 2 Bridlington 2017

Year 5 Huddersfield University Visit

On Friday, Year 5 went on a visit to Huddersfield to learn about university life. They learnt all the words associated with university by doing a word search, took part in an exercise class, listened to a presentation about careers and finally had a tour of all the different departments in the university.

The children learnt lots about which jobs need a degree and which do not. They also realised how different university is to school as there are 23,000 students there and sometimes 400 people in one class.

Here are some photographs and videos of our day:

Year 5 Trip to Tatton Park 5.4.2017

Today Year 5 went on a trip to Tatton Park / Tatton Dale Home Farm. They were treat like evacuees from start to finish! They all had the chance to experience what life was like for an evacuee on the farm. They learnt about the farm animals and how to milk a cow. They looked inside the house they may have lived in as well as looking at the stables and the equipment used in the land army. They were all  very surprised when the air-raid siren went off at the end of the day too!

The staff there commented on how wonderful the children behaved and that they were a credit to the school. Well done Year 5! Hope you had a great day and learnt lots. I certainly did.

Tell me your favourite part or something you learnt.

London Photos (as photos)

Here are some more London photographs of the children.

If you right click the image you should be able to copy them. Children who took cameras also took their own photographs too.

Enjoy! Miss C



London (84)

Year 6 London

Year 6 had an absolutely fantastic time in London and so did the staff. Lots of the staff on our visits around London, including the staff at Wembley and Houses of Parliament, commented on their good behaviour and their questions. The children were a credit to the school and a pleasure to take on the trip.

Well done Year 6!

Here are some photos and videos of the trip.

Year 6 London Update

We are currently at the theatre waiting for Charlie and the chocolate factory to start. We have had a super busy day travelling around London and exploring the sights. We loved the boat tour. We are glad to relax now and watch the show now.


Year 6 London News

Hello, year 6 are having an amazing time already. We had a great journey down, making good time and then went to the science museum. Most of the children had Spag Bol or jacket potato for tea and chocolate cake.

The bus tour was very fun too, myself, Mrs Cook and Mr Bland all had a go at being the tour guide on the microphone. We saw lots of sights and went on the London Bridge.

Lots of fun tomorrow.


All tucked up in bed and asleep!!

Night, Miss C x

Year 6 London Trip


On Monday, Year 6 will travel to London for their 3 day residential. Please ensure children arrive at school at 7:45 am for a prompt departure. Children need a packed lunch for this day, please make sure children have also taken travel sickness medication if this is necessary.

Here is a list of the kit list again if you need it.

kit list

We hope to update the blog while we are there to keep you up to date.

Hope you are all super excited, I know the staff are.

Miss C 🙂

Eden Camp Continued

Here is another slide show of photos from Eden Camp. Thank you David for taking them! Enjoy.

David's Camera (75)

Mr Platt 🙂