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Year 5 – Summer 1

This half term in year five our topic is World War II

This term we are learning:

  • Maths – Improper Fractions, Percentage, Length, Mass and Volume
  • English – Free Verse Poetry, Diary Entries and Information Texts
  • Topic – World War II
  • Science – Animals Including Humans
  • PE   – Cricket
  • ICT – Scratch

Mr Platt 🙂

Street Party

For the end of our WWII topic, we had a mini street party in year 5. We had a little quiz and then tasted a selection of foods. Which did you like the best?

Mr Platt 🙂

Year 5 – Summer 1

Welcome back year 5, I hope you all had a fantastic break and that you are ready and raring to learn this half term. Our topic for Summer 1 is World War 2. We will be learning about many different aspects of the war which is an important part of our history. We will also be reading Blitzed, by Robert Swindells which is about a boy who goes on a school trip to Eden Camp; the same place we are going!

  • Maths – Measurement, Percentage and Geometry
  • English – Letters, Stories and WW2 Poetry
  • Science – Living Things abd Life Cycles continued
  • Topic – World War 2
  • PE – Cricket (striking and fielding) continued
  • Problem Solving Maths – Picture Maths
  • ICT – Code Coaches – Designing Games continued

We will also be undertaking a ‘Bikeability’ course this half term. Enjoy!

Mr Platt 🙂