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Year 1 Autumn 1

Welcome back to school Year 1!

This half term we are learning:

  • Maths – Place Value, addition
  • English – Poetry, Where The Wild Things Are, Instructions
  • Phonics – Revising phase 3 and 4 sounds
  • Topic –Marvellous Me
  • Science – Ourselves, The Body, Senses
  • PE (Friday)  – Games
  • ICT – e-safety
  • RE: Creation, Who made the world?

Mrs Darbyshire & Mrs Browne & Mr Westwood

First Day in Year 1!

Sports Day Practice

Yesterday, year six went to the cricket field with year one and two. When they arrived, the children split into their families. The year six children in each family then showed the younger children what they should be doing for each activities.

Mr Platt 🙂 


Watch out! There are animals about …

On Thursday, Year 1 and Year 2 had some interesting visitors…

As part of our topic lessons Year 1 have been learning about classifying animals into groups and Year 2 have been learning about living things and their habitats.

A company called Zoolab kindly brought different creatures into school for the children to interact with. Some children (and teachers) were even brave enough to have a hold!

Can you spot:

Talula the tarantula, Rochelle the cockroach, Max the millipede, Bobby the frog, Flapjack the lizard, Eddie the baby tortoise, Sid the snail, Prince and Jonny the snakes, Mylo the hedgehog?

Can you sort the animals into vertebrates and invertebrates?



St.Paul’s Achievements this week


Whole school attendance: 95.6%

Year Group Attendance Winner: Year 3

Stars of the Week:

R – Lucas B

1 – Scarlett M

2 –

3 – Harry M

4 – Finley B

5 – Rajveer G

6 – Hassan S

Resilience Award:

R – Macey C

1 – Oliver D

2 –

3 – Charlie T

4 – Sam

5 – Saphron M

6 – Perez J

Well done everyone!

St.Paul’s Achievements this week


Whole school attendance: 94.87%

Year Group Attendance Winner: Year 4

Stars of the Week:

R – Ellie.C

1 – Phoebe.C

2 – Leo.W

3 – Jasmine.S

4 – Harry.F

5 – Courtney.B

6 – Samuel.S

Resilience Award:

R – Jacob.D

1 – Keery.R

2 – Samuel .H

3 – N/A

4 – N/A

5 – Codi.L

6 – Preet

Well done everyone!

St Paul’s Achievements This Week


Whole school attendance: 92.17%

Year Group Attendance Winner: Year 2

Stars of the Week:

R – Lily-Mae

1 – Finlay

2 – Leo

3 – Joseph.W

4 – Olivia.R

5 – Lucas

6 – Bilal & Joseph.V

Resilience Award:

R – Bella

1 – Hassan

2 – Thomas.W

3 – Harry.M

4 – Emily

5 – Cody.T

6 – Amber.B

Year 1 – Autumn 2

This half term in Year 1 we will be focusing on:

Maths – 2D and 3D shape, exploring numbers to 20 including addition and subtraction to 20

English – writing a recount about our school trip to Nell Bank and the Jolly Postman/Christmas Postman story

Topic – festivals and celebrations (Diwali, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Christmas)

Science – senses poems and everyday materials

PSHE – anti-bullying and children in need

Remembrance Day

This week we have learnt all about Remembrance day and done some awesome Art work in every class.

We also had an assembly and a 2 minute silence to remember all the soldiers and other people involved in World War 1 especially but also World War 2  and wars that are still going on right now.

Here are some examples of our Art work.

Mrs Hallworth

img_4810 img_4814 img_4817 img_4826 img_4827 img_4828 img_4835 img_4842 img_4848 img_4851 img_4861 img_4870 img_4872 img_4880

Autumn Art

Well done to everyone (from Reception to Year 6) for the fantastic art work that you have produced in RE this half term. Here are a few examples on Mosques, the Tower of Babel, the Creation story, stained glass windows and Harvest.

img_4343 img_4345 img_4346 img_4347 img_4373 img_4379 img_4385 img_4387 img_4389 img_4390 img_4415 img_4418 img_4501



img_4607 img_4611img_4629 img_4644img_4636 img_4641img_4650img_4648img_4652                 img_4654img_4656img_4658


Mrs Hallworth

(RE Co-ordinator)