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Year 3 Trip to Bradford Cathedral

Year 3 enjoyed a visit to Bradford Cathedral.  They had a guided tour, a mosaic craft workshop and a musical organ experience.  The children asked lots of interesting questions and they were complimented on their excellent behaviour.

Here are some of the photographs that were taken today.

Well done Year 3!

Mrs Hallworth & Miss Thoseby

St.Paul’s Achievements this week


Whole school attendance: 94.87%

Year Group Attendance Winner: Year 4

Stars of the Week:

R – Ellie.C

1 – Phoebe.C

2 – Leo.W

3 – Jasmine.S

4 – Harry.F

5 – Courtney.B

6 – Samuel.S

Resilience Award:

R – Jacob.D

1 – Keery.R

2 – Samuel .H

3 – N/A

4 – N/A

5 – Codi.L

6 – Preet

Well done everyone!

St Paul’s Achievements This Week


Whole school attendance: 92.17%

Year Group Attendance Winner: Year 2

Stars of the Week:

R – Lily-Mae

1 – Finlay

2 – Leo

3 – Joseph.W

4 – Olivia.R

5 – Lucas

6 – Bilal & Joseph.V

Resilience Award:

R – Bella

1 – Hassan

2 – Thomas.W

3 – Harry.M

4 – Emily

5 – Cody.T

6 – Amber.B

Free Rugby Balls

Some children from year 2 and 3 had their photo taken with the coaches from Bradford Bulls. In return, Bradford Bulls have given our school a full bag of brand new rugby balls!


Mr Platt 🙂

Remembrance Day

This week we have learnt all about Remembrance day and done some awesome Art work in every class.

We also had an assembly and a 2 minute silence to remember all the soldiers and other people involved in World War 1 especially but also World War 2  and wars that are still going on right now.

Here are some examples of our Art work.

Mrs Hallworth

img_4810 img_4814 img_4817 img_4826 img_4827 img_4828 img_4835 img_4842 img_4848 img_4851 img_4861 img_4870 img_4872 img_4880

Autumn Art

Well done to everyone (from Reception to Year 6) for the fantastic art work that you have produced in RE this half term. Here are a few examples on Mosques, the Tower of Babel, the Creation story, stained glass windows and Harvest.

img_4343 img_4345 img_4346 img_4347 img_4373 img_4379 img_4385 img_4387 img_4389 img_4390 img_4415 img_4418 img_4501



img_4607 img_4611img_4629 img_4644img_4636 img_4641img_4650img_4648img_4652                 img_4654img_4656img_4658


Mrs Hallworth

(RE Co-ordinator)


Art Day with Mr Bullock – Stone Henge

Yesterday year 3 had a visitor from an artist called Mr Bullock,

We had a fantastic day looking at, diffferent types of art, materials and learning new skills.

Over the day we got to mix colours, use charchoal, paint and create clay sculptures of Stone Henge.

We all enjoyed it very much, including the teachers and the children behaved impeccably.

Hopefully the clay sculptures will be dry enough to bring home after the holidays.

We hope everyone has a fantastic half term and we look forward to seeing everyone after the holidays.

Miss Briggs, Mr Daynes and Mrs Smith

Whole school “Talk for writing” assembly.

Year 3

Year 3  – Autumn 1

This half term in Year 3 our topic will be, We Will Rock You!

English – Stone Age Boy – Story writing and Instructions.
Maths – Place Value.
Topic – Stone Age.
Science – Rocks and Soils.
PE – Rugby.

Notes to remember

PE will be taught on a Wednesday afternoon.
Library will be also on a Wednesday.
Homework will be sent out on a Tuesday night and will need to be returned by Monday. It will include :

  • Reading comprehension.
  • Maths – linked to class work.
  • Times tables
  • Spellings
  • Daily reading (books will be changed once a week

    We can’t wait to share all our fantastic learning with you!

    Miss Briggs, Mrs J Smith and Mr Daynes

This Week At St Pauls

The this week at St Pauls has been packed full of fun trips and interesting lessons. We are sorry we have not been posting recently for various reasons, but, let’s get on with this week at St Pauls!

Starting with year 6- our class- have had an awesome week (well most of it) at London. It was packed with mind blowing activities and amazing experiences. This of course couldn’t have happened without the huge help from Miss Wassel, Mr Platt, Miss Charles, Mrs Malt, Mr Bland, Mrs Broadbent, Mrs Pearson and Mrs Cook.

In year 5, in maths, they have been looking and working on statistics. In literacy, year 5 have been writing persuasive brochures on Brazil trying to get them to go and have a holiday there. Finally, they made masks in topic.

In year 4, in maths, they have been working on parallel and perpendicular lines. In literacy, they have been doing hard work on leaflets.In science; they worked on classifying animals.

In year 2, they have been  writing a character description of a pirate known as: Captain Purple beard. Furthermore, year 2 have been doing division with remainders. Also, in art they have been drawing shells.

In year 1,  they have been doing lots of things such as; sandwich instructions, imaginative recounts, position and direction.

Finally in Reception, they have been learning the alphabet and writing sentences.

So thank you for reading this post and we will write another one next week.