The Grand Opening of our New School Library

On Thursday 7th December the hilarious author/comedian Adrian Edmondson came to open our lovely beautiful library.

Before the summer holidays of 2017, the installation of the new library at our school began. It took a lot of planning and the staff and students helped massively to sort the materials. The new library has been converted from a school hub and kitchen area to a “beautiful” purple school library. The new room is great for children to relax in a quiet, comfortable area where they can read a book in peace and won`t be distracted by the noise throughout the rest of the school. It is a vast improvement from the previous library, which was small and cramped, with not enough books and hardly any leg space at all. The new library has many bookshelves scattered around the spacious room.  It contains about 3000 fun filled books with all genres. “The new library is a great way to inspire children to read” said Dilveen in 5N.

Adrian Edmondson, who is from the local area, officially opened our lovely new library. As well as being a famous comedian, he is also a celebrated children’s author. Two children from each class participated in a school book club where they read his book ‘Tilly and the Time Machine’. This book club got to meet Adrian Edmondson and hear him read an extract from his book. Miles in 5M told us “The book is adrenaline-packed and such a lovely story and then meeting him personally blew my mind!” Molly in 6C said “It was such an honour to meet Mr Edmondson after reading his book Tilly and the Time Machine.”

Mr Edmondson said “It is great that a school is creating a library when all around the country people are closing libraries. Some people say that kids can still get books on their iPads, but it is not the same as going into a library and picking up a book. And this is a beautiful library.”

Mr Edmondson was also kind enough to answer questions and sign books. He also let slip some exciting details about his next book. We will be looking out for it!

We all had a lovely day with the hilarious Mr Edmondson. Mrs Patterson said “It was an amazing Grand Opening. I was very proud of our children, who spent time with Mr Edmondson and asked him lots of great questions. I can’t wait to see children accessing our beautiful new library and enjoying the wonderful books.” Currently there are fifteen copies of ‘Tilly and the Time Machine’ available in the library.

This blog post was written by the Thackley Magical Times Bloggers in Years 5 and 6.

5M Class Assembly

Robinwood – Y6 residential – Day Two

We have had another brilliant day at Robinwood.  The weather was slightly drier but still a bit damp at times.  The children all slept fairly well and tucked into a huge cooked breakfast this morning before starting the day’s activities.

Robinwood – Y6 residential – Day One

We have had an amazing first day in Robinwood! The children have been involved in lots of different activities depending on which group they are in. The weather has been pretty wet all day but it has not spoilt the day for us at all.


























Everyone had worked up an appetite and really enjoyed their tea – especially pudding!
































































The children were all exhausted by bedtime but are looking forward to another fun-filled day tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Check our Twitter page for updates.

Mrs P x

3B Class Assembly

Defibrillator Donation

Today we were very proud to be able to donate a defibrillator to Thackley Cricket Club.

We had a huge ‘Save A Heart’ fundraising day earlier in the year with the aim of raising enough money to buy a defibrillator for our school. We were astounded by the amount of support we received from our children, their families and the local community which meant we were able to raise enough money for TWO defibrillators!

We were delighted to donate the second one to our local cricket club, meaning that we now have TWO defibrillators in Thackley as a result of the wonderful support from our school community!

Dave Jones from the ambulance service came to help us present the defibrillator to Alan Cuff, Treasurer of Thackley Cricket Club.



Thank you to Thomas Gadd, our favourite photographer, for taking the photos for us.

5N Class Assembly – Anti-Bullying Week 2017

Class 5N performed a fantastic assembly for their parents this week about Anti-Bullying. It was so good, they are going to perform it again to the whole school!
Here is the video…

And here is the short animated film that they watched…

PTA Spooky Disco

Our PTA organised yet another fab disco. The children had a great time showing off their spooky fancy dress costumes, eating hotdogs and visiting the sweet shop. An enormous thank you to the PTA who organised the event whihc raised almost £900!

Pumpkin Competition 2017

We had another fantastic response to our Pumpkin Competition today! We were absolutely astounded by the creativity and imagination of our children and their families who had worked together on their pumpkin entries.

Have a look at the entries here


















































































































And here are the winners!

Thackley in the olden days!

We unearthed a number of very old artefacts in school recently consisting of old photographs, slides, registers, school plans, minutes of meetings, orders for stock and more! We decided to display some of the things during our Thackley Week exhibition and we invited members of the community in. We had a fantastic response with many, many ex-pupils coming to the exhibition. Some travelled from as far as Cheshire and Morcambe! They spent the afternoon looking at the photos, reminiscing and catching up with old friends, some hadn’t seen each other for 50 years! We had a tour of the school and saw some of the many changes that had taken place over the years.
It was a really wonderful afternoon and we loved hearing so many stories about the history of our school. We were very pleased to hear so many ex-pupils report that their time at Thackley was full of Happy Memories and we were proud to tell them that Happy Memories is still one of our school aims and we pride ourselves on being a happy school!
Mr Lanfear, an ex-pupil, has very kindly offered to digitise all of our slides and photos so we can share them more easily on our website in the future. We look forward to being able to share these with you.