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A fantastic day out for Year 6

Year 6 have had a fantastic day out at Chester Zoo, even the weather has remained dry.
We have taken part in a workshop where all of the children had the opportunity to see, smell and touch a variety of artefacts.

We have experienced a range of beautiful animals from across the World, including the acrobatic monkeys, which everyone enjoyed!

Chester Zoo

We are currently on the way to Chester Zoo, where we will take part in numerous activities based on The Amazon Rainforest. The children are extremely excited, despite the long coach journey there.

We will keep you updated on our journey through out the day.

Safety in the home.

Today we have been to the Bradford Bulls Stadium to learn all about staying safe. Here are a few questions to see how much you remember from our fun filled afternoon.

Who do you ring if you smell gas?

What does natural gas smell of?

What temperature does electricity spark at?

How many volts in a distribution substation?

Who can you report to if you are worried about anything?

Should you use a corded or a cordless phone to call 999 and why?

What two words should you shout if there’s a fire?

Why shouldn’t you swim in a reservoir?

How many people drowned in reservoirs last year?


We now know that the Amazon can be found in Brazil which is part of South America. How many other countries in South America can you name ?

How much have you learnt over the past few days ?

How long ago have people been recognised as blind ?
When was the Braille machine created and by who?

What happens to copper to turn it green?
What famous landmark is made from this.

When is the best time to see stars?
What do microbes need to live ?
How do we search for life on Mars?
What is Europa ? Why is it important for astronomers?
What is the Goldilocks zone?
Can u name the star constellations that you will be able to see tonight?

Where can you find these?

Curriculum day 2

Today has been another fantastic day. Here are some of today’s activities.

Graham provided us with an insight in boxing and arranged numerous activities for us to complete.

Sam has taught us some more fabulous skills in relation to animations. Only this time we were using plasticine.

We took park in a sculpture workshop and made wire outlines of our hands.

The star dome was amazing, we learnt loads about our galaxy.

Finally we used co-ordinates to find letters in the outdoor classroom to unscramble a secret word.

The past two days have been extraordinary !

Curriculum Festival Part 1

Today has been the first of our two day curriculum festival. We have enjoyed a variety of activities including Knitting, Braille and Circus Skills.

Here are some photo’s from today:







Sam taught us how to create our very own animations using ICT.















We learnt some basic Salsa steps in Choreography. Arta was so good, she even got to dance with Miss Morrell!


We learnt how to write using Braille, deciphered some secret codes and were blindfolded to complete a variety of sorting activities.
Creativity was key to making cards.
Betty created the longest chain when learning how to finger knit.
Adam was getting ready to run away with the Circus. He was fantastic at all of the Circus activities.
Plate Spinning was a little tricky.
We had a brilliant day and hope to have just as much fun tomorrow.

The first ever Kingfisher’s

Today was our first day back in school, it was great to see you all again after the holidays. It certainly sounds as if you have all had a great time.

We are officially the first EVER class at Woodside Academy to be named Kingfisher, therefore have a lot to learn about this beautiful bird.

Who can tell me something they have learnt already?