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A Special Visitor

Woodside was fortunate enough today to have Sky Sports’ very own Charlie Webster visit the Academy today. She looked all around the school in particular the amazing banners that pupils in Year 4 were making.

In addition, a reporter from from BBC Radio Leeds came in to interview two school council reps and Mrs Poole about the Tour De France as well as the exciting cycling future in the Academy.

Our trip to the seaside…..

Grey rabbits have been busy planning our trip to the seaside.

We are going to Filey and are so excited!

Amy “I am looking forward to having ice cream, I like chocolate.”

Donna “I am excited to make sandcastles.”

Bow “I want to swim.”

Millie “I am looking forward to eating yummy ice ceam,”

Kian “We might see candy floss there.”

We will post pictures and updates from the seaide when we go on our trip in a few weeks time!

A new school year!

Happy new school year everyone – hope you have settled into your new classes.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Mrs Poole

Phoneme competition

How many words can you find with the phoneme “ ea ?  Here is the first  one to help you :-


Please leave your answers on our blog.

King Henry VIII

Can anyone tell me the names of the six wives of Henry VIII?

Year 5 – Explanation writing

Recently Mole class were contacted by an alien that wanted to learn about a human lifecycle. This is Nathan’s excellent work!

The Human Life Cycle

Background Information

This piece of text is about the human life cycle, and this shows you how everybody grows up. It shows you everything that you need to know about a human life cycle, from birth until death.

A human starts off as an egg, in the mother’s stomach. This egg is not a chicken egg, it’s an egg that grows up to be a baby in the mother’s stomach. This egg will stay in the mother’s stomach until it grows up to be a baby. When the egg is created in the stomach of the mother, the mother becomes pregnant. The baby comes out at the age of 0. The mother will give birth between 7-13 months.


You become a baby when you are born at the age 0, this will last until about 2 years old.Usually you will be able to walk at age 9mths-2yrs. You learn most things when you are a baby, such as walking, eating; the most important things in life.


You become a child at age 2, and end your childhood at age 13. Childhood is when you start school, to get an education. You need education so that you can get a job when you are older. If you don’t get an education you can’t get a job and earn money. You need a job to pay your bills, and anything else you need (food, water, etc.).

You begin your adolescence stage at the age of 12, and end this stage at age 19, when you become an adult. The adolescence stage is the hardest stage, this is when your whole body changes, and you are becoming an adult. Even you might dislike this stage!


Adulthood begins at age 20, and ends at age 75, this is also the longest stage (55yrs long!). Most people enjoy this stage because you can get married, you can get a job, and you can even have babies of your own! This is a really fun stage, what do you think? At the age of 40 or so, you might grow grey hair.

Old Age

Old age is age 75 until death. Don’t be afraid of death, it’s a natural occurrence. The best way to survive is to be healthy, by eating healthy foods (fruit, vegetables, etc.).

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