Curriculum Festival Part 1

Today has been the first of our two day curriculum festival. We have enjoyed a variety of activities including Knitting, Braille and Circus Skills.

Here are some photo’s from today:







Sam taught us how to create our very own animations using ICT.















We learnt some basic Salsa steps in Choreography. Arta was so good, she even got to dance with Miss Morrell!


We learnt how to write using Braille, deciphered some secret codes and were blindfolded to complete a variety of sorting activities.
Creativity was key to making cards.
Betty created the longest chain when learning how to finger knit.
Adam was getting ready to run away with the Circus. He was fantastic at all of the Circus activities.
Plate Spinning was a little tricky.
We had a brilliant day and hope to have just as much fun tomorrow.

The first ever Kingfisher’s

Today was our first day back in school, it was great to see you all again after the holidays. It certainly sounds as if you have all had a great time.

We are officially the first EVER class at Woodside Academy to be named Kingfisher, therefore have a lot to learn about this beautiful bird.

Who can tell me something they have learnt already?

Bradford Bound!

We’re well on our way back to Bradford. We’ve been fortunate enough to have had lovely weather. Big thanks to all the staff for making the trip possible.

It’s been a tiring day. A little bit too much for some people.

More pictures to follow…

Whitby Bound

We are on our way to Whitby, exciting!

What are you looking forward to doing the most?

On the coach

We are on the coach on our way to Whitby. We’re hoping for a glorious day and intend on having great fun on the beach this afternoon.

Whitby !

Tomorrow is our trip to Whitby, I am extremely excited and can’t wait to see all of the landmarks Fliss visited in Room 13. I have made my lunch, packed my bags and set my alarm for an early start. What are you looking forward to seeing in Whitby?

Tour de France Assembly

Today Year 5 Mole and Hedgehog spent all day rehearsing for their Tour de France play in front of the whole school!

It was really successful and even the teachers learned some new facts. Take a peek at the pictures.

There was even an opportunity for Year 5 to show off their dance moves!

We learnt lots of new facts about the Tour de France today. What facts do you know? Post them below.

Tour de Force

Over the weekend some of our children went to Hawes to cheer on the cyclists taking part in the Tour de Force. This included Charlie Webster from Sky Sports who had visited the Academy earlier in the week.

As you can see below it was a lot of hard work for the cyclists. They needed plenty of bananas to keep their energy levels high so they could meet the demands of the course.

Hopefully this trip may inspire some of our youngsters to take up cycling and who knows, we may well produce some future stars!

A Special Visitor

Woodside was fortunate enough today to have Sky Sports’ very own Charlie Webster visit the Academy today. She looked all around the school in particular the amazing banners that pupils in Year 4 were making.

In addition, a reporter from from BBC Radio Leeds came in to interview two school council reps and Mrs Poole about the Tour De France as well as the exciting cycling future in the Academy.

Our trip to the seaside…..

Grey rabbits have been busy planning our trip to the seaside.

We are going to Filey and are so excited!

Amy “I am looking forward to having ice cream, I like chocolate.”

Donna “I am excited to make sandcastles.”

Bow “I want to swim.”

Millie “I am looking forward to eating yummy ice ceam,”

Kian “We might see candy floss there.”

We will post pictures and updates from the seaide when we go on our trip in a few weeks time!