The train journey back

A few exhausted faces, but we are still really enjoying our trip!

Nile’s Holiday Highlights

I looked up things about London but I’ve never seen them in real life. These were my favourite things:

1. Beating Mr Grayson at bowling

2. 4D experience

3. London eye

Beating Mr Grayson was my favourite because he thought he would win and I proved Mr Grayson wrong.

The 4D experience was my second favourite because you could feel the weather changing and see everything in 3D. I felt as if I was touching the seagull.

Finally, the London Eye was my third favourite because I am a bit scared of heights and you had a spectacular view.

On the way back to Bradford

We are now on the train back to Leeds and are due to arrive at approximately 18:20. We have been lucky enough to listen to the band practicing for tomorrow’s Trouping of the Colours.

We have had a fantastic time away but are very tired after our long journey.

Adventure Playground

After having some lovely lunch and an ice cream we then enjoyed a run around in the adventure park.

Souvenir Shop

Some very happy shop owners as Mole class takes over a souvenir shop.

Chilling in the sun

Today we have watched the change of guard and have then been to visit Downing Street. Unfortunately we didn’t see Larry, David Cameron’s cat, however we did see the chancellors cat Freya.

We are now sat in St James Park having an ice cream.

Euston Underground

We’ve just left Euston tube ready to go to Westminster.

An exciting day ahead

Yesterday JJ held it together on the London Eye. Despite been scared to begin with, he had an amazing time and was glad he went on.

We had a brilliant time bowling, where JJ came joint second with Mr Browne !

After a great nights sleep and a scrumptious cooked breakfast, we are now ready to head back to Westminster on the tube !

London Eye snapshots

Another few snap shots of some of Mole class enjoying the
London Eye.

Did you know that on top of the London Eye you can see up to 40 kilometres in all directions?

Waiting for the train.

Just waiting for the train from Watford to whisk us back into London for another exciting day.