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Music Makers- A walk from Woodside

The talented musicians of Woodside Academy have been working hard on Thursday mornings, before school, creating a piece of music together. There are 18 musicians who regularly attend and have composed this piece together, with the help of Mrs Holmes and Miss Lake.

Click here to listen   —->  Music Makers- A walk from Woodside

Music maker Kayleigh, from Year 6, explains the story behind the music:

We start with cockerels in the morning, then we set off on an adventure. We’re on a journey through the playground, Then we go on the swings and on the slide. Then we’re of to Judy woods. We get to the mouth of the woods where we are wondering around listening to the birds tweeting and we can hear the tune of the forest. We decide to go to Tescos (the local shop). You can hear the feet on the ground. All of a sudden, there is an accident on the road. The phone is ringing, the sirens are going off and no-one knows what to do. The ambulance finally come and they take the family to hospital. The piece ends with a heartbeat.

We hope you enjoy our piece.