Captain Underpants And The Attack Of The Talking Toilets by Dav Pilkey

Captain underpants and the attack of the talking toilets.

The book is about George beard, Harold Hutchins and their mean principalĀ  Mr.Krupp. When anyone clicks their fingers near Mr.krupp he turns into Captain Underpants, and in this book he attacks evil talking toilets. Captain Underpants goes into the evil talking toilets and so does all the other teachers.

In the invention convention the prize was to be principal for the day and do whatever they want. Harold and George won and they decided to turn the school playground into a fun fair and make up rules that everyone in Jerome Horwitz Elementary School including the teachers had to follow. The talking toilets get hungry and eat everything.

I like this book because it is silly and makes me laugh so much. I like the character Mr Krupp, he looks silly in his underwear and wears a curtain for a cape.

What I hate about the book is nothing.

Kiera – Newhall Park Primary School


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3 Responses to Captain Underpants And The Attack Of The Talking Toilets by Dav Pilkey

  1. Mr Bleazard says:

    An excellent review Kiera, you added lots of detail and split different sections of your review into paragraphs. I love the Captain Underpants stories, the characters are so funny as the things they get up to are so silly.

  2. Mrs Fairburn says:

    Hello Kiera,
    I think this story sounds funny and scary. I think you have described the book well, adding details which interests the reader.
    I hope you carry on reading and reviewing.

  3. miriamlordadmin says:

    Thank you for your lovely review, just enough detail to interest me, especially the bit about talking toilets! It sounds like a fun read.
    Mrs Conway – Miriam Lord

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