Cool by Michael Morpurgo

This book cool is by Michael Morpurgo. It is about a boy called
Robbie who has a dog called Lucky he loves him so much he even risks his life for him. Robbie lies there in a coma for months on end. Every day goes by, there is never a day with no  visitors. School came whenever they could, they sang songs to him, gave him cards and toys just wanting him to be back at school. They were all wishing he was alright that the car hadn’t made his life disappear in thin air.
But everybody started to think that he wasn’t going
to make it,  they thought he couldn’t hear move or
speak but actually he heard every word of what was said. He just wanted to tell them that he was going to be OK that he was fine. The car hadn’t done any harm what so ever just to let him out of that coma let him play in the fields and the park but no
he couldn’t do that and that was getting him down every day
he tried.  An every day he was getting worse. That he was going
to live but who knows what will happen next…

I really enjoyed this book, I think it is a book everybody would enjoy but if that isn’t your kind of book Michael Morpurgo has a lot, lot more I think you might enjoy.  Like Alone on the Wide Wide Sea, Borne to Run, Elephant in the Garden.

By the way if you like adventure stories you will like all of the Michael Morpurgo ones for sure.

By Caitlin


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