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Molly Moon Stops the World by Georgia Byng

Yes you guessed right, this is the follow-up to the jaw-dropping book: Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism.This book starts right where the first one left off so I wouldn’t read this one first. However, despite this slight draw-back the … Continue reading

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How to Twist a Dragon’s Tail

This book is part of a series of fantastic books. When Hiccup and his friends get stuck in a ring of fire they discover a new species of dragon Hiccup who is an expert about dragons, doesn’t recognise the dragons . The dragons made the ring of fire … Continue reading

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The Ring of Five, Eoin McNamee by Jamie

Danny Caulfield has the abilites of a perfect spy. Including how to betray. Danny thinks he’s on the way to boarding school. When he arrives at an academy with children with otherworldly talents, what will happen to him? His freinds: … Continue reading

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The Star of Kazan by Eva Ibbotson

This amazing book is written by the award-winning Eva Ibbotson. It holds both mystery, drama and it’s heartbreaking story will live in your heart forever. This book enchants your mind as you journey through 1950 Austria. Again Eva Ibbotson will … Continue reading

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Stories Inspired by the Dungeon by various authors

I find this book interesting because there are diffrent stories in it for example The Mystifying day published by Iqbal Ali. I would reccomend Stories Inspired by the Dungeon because it is written by pupils involved in the Bradford Lap … Continue reading

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My Brother’s Ghost by Allan Ahlberg

This book is about a touching tale of loss love and endurance. Agirl at the age of nine and a tradgic accidient happens sadly at the start. Her name is Frances Forgarty.Her brothers ghost turns up and he if a great help … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Gloamglozer by Paul Stewart

The genre of this story is a myth and it also has a little bit of fantasy. This book is all about some people, who live in a cave, and they were hiding as there was a mysterious creature looking … Continue reading

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