How can my school join in?

This site is run by myself Tim Bleazard, Bradford Council Curriculum Innovation Team Consultant, and a team of teachers volunteering their own time.

To join in, teachers need to email me . Please use a school email address.

I’ll set up an admin account so teachers can approve reviews and comments from their own pupils. I’ll also set up one pupil account so children can write posts. This will be a contributor account, so posts will need to be approved before they go live. To keep things simple all children use the same account to log in.

Children should add their first name and school at the end of the review. Children should include the title of the book and the author in their post titles, this means they will be searchable. They should choose the appropriate category depending on the genre of the book.

Children can add tags if they want. They can include the school name, author, their first name or any other appropriate choices.

QR Codes

QR (quick response codes) are a quick way to share a link to text or a web site. Mr Gaunt, the headteacher of Greengates Primary school had a great idea for using them in his school library. Children write a book review on this blog, they then create a qr code linking to the book review. The code is printed out and stuck in the book so children in the library can scan the code and read a book review.

We have a special trick on this site. If you write the word vasaioqrcode in square brackets in your review it will automatically add a qr code to the page all ready to print, then cut out.


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