How can I write a great review?

To write a great review you need to tell the reader a few things. Here are some ideas….

The main parts.

  • In the title tell the reader what the book was called and who the author was.
  • Tell them what the book was about, however write just enough to make them want to find out more for themselves without giving the ending away.
  • Share the parts of the story you enjoyed most, then explain why.
  • Explain what you thought of the book and add your reasons.
  • Decide if you would recommend this book to a friend.

The extra parts.

  • Let your readers know which genre the book is.
  • You might give the names of some of the other books this author has written.
  • Compare the book to other stories you have read, what are the similarities and the differences?
  • Could you relate to events in the story? In other words did anything happen in the story that reminded you of something that has happened to you?

When you have finished writing…..

  • Check your review for spelling mistakes.
  • Read it through to make sure you are happy with the way it sounds.
  • Have you remembered not to give away any personal information apart from your first name and your school.

An example review.

‘You’re a bad man, Mr Gum’ by Andy Stanton.

This book is a comedy written by Andy Stanton. You’re a ban man Mr Gum is all about a horrible man who lives in the village of Lamonic Bibber. When Jake the dog destroys Mr Gum’s garden he decides to take revenge. The story that follows is absolutly hilarious.

I loved the story because it made me laugh so mjuch. I  enjoyed reading about the characters and their crazy habits. The parts when Friday O Leary yells ‘The truth is a lemon meringue!’ were the funniest. This book is not like anything else I have ever read, that’s another reason why I like it so much.

I think most of my friends would like reading this book, although you have to have a good sense of humour. There are lots of other Mr Gum books, such as Mr Gum and the Goblins, and I can’t wait to read them all.


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