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Bad girls by Jacqueline Wilson

Another fantastic book by Jacqueline Wilson. This book is all about a young girl called Mandy, who gets bullied a lot in school. She is really worried that if she let’s the teachers and over protective mum involved she will … Continue reading

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Spill the beans by paul cookson

This book is about poems that are mainly for ages 7 plus and most of the poems are funny.If you love poems and have a great imagination then this is the book for you! I love the ryming poems and … Continue reading

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Sugar sweet bakery by Rose Banks

This story is about 3 girls named Summer, Ellie and Jasmine, who have a magical box that takes them to a secret kindom. When they solve the riddle, they were taken in a swirl of colours to a Secret kingdom. … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Gloamglozer by Paul Stewart

The genre of this story is a myth and it also has a little bit of fantasy. This book is all about some people, who live in a cave, and they were hiding as there was a mysterious creature looking … Continue reading

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Stories Inspired By The Dungeon (a collection of authors)

This book has lots of stories some are very strange and terryfying whiles others are supposed to be scary but are not. Some of the stories are: The Haunted Huge Castle,the museum, Sam and his big race e.t.c. All of … Continue reading

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Lily Alone By Jaqueline Wilson

This book is about a girl called Lily, who wishes she really was home alone, she has three younger siblings, their names are Baxter, Bliss and little Pixie. Lily’s mum has left with her new boyfriend. She has left Lily … Continue reading

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Atlas of stars and planets by Ian Ridpath

This book is about stars and planets.Through each page you experience new facts about  space. From the solar system to seeing the invisible. This book is action packed with questions to make sure you read properly. I think this is … Continue reading

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No time like show time by Michael Hoeye

This book is about a mouse land and there is a mouse called Hermux Tantamoq ,who works at a clock shop , with his pet Terfle. He recieves a letter from Fluster Vamint the theatre manger to help. Hermux has … Continue reading

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Inky the indigo fairy by Rainbow magic

This fairy tale is about two girls named Kristy and Rachel,who were friends with the fairy’s. They helped the fairies sort out their problems because Jack Frost, the goblin, has destroyed everything. I think this description is really exiting!  What I … Continue reading

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Devil in the fog by Leon Garfield

This story follows the genre of horror and tragedy. Its all about a man, who was a super genius, getting kidnapped to do horrible jobs for evil vilans. It also explains how much his son was worried when his father … Continue reading

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