Blogging safely and staying safe on the internet

Please listen to the following Voki and answer the questions given.

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  1. Khansa says:

    When you go on the internet make sure you do not watch anything unsuitable for your age. Do not talk to strangers on the internet and if something bad comes through on your computer do not go through with it cross it off. Don’t go to meet up with someone on internet.

  2. Ismael says:

    When you are blogging you should always use apropriate language and never write something bad under somebody elses name. You should use great vocabulary so the visitors think that your school has very high standards, so your school will be famous. If you do write something bad you can be founded out because when you blog there is a little thing called an ip address.

  3. Muhammad says:

    You should not write your second name because if you write your second name it will show it to the whole world. Also you shouldn’t write your address.In addition,you shouldn’t tell your password to anyone because they can write your name and say something bad.

  4. Adam says:

    It is important to have a parent next to you when going on the internet. Make sure you watch clips that are suitable for your age. Do not talk to people on the internet who you don’t know. When you blog don’t put somebody’s name because the teachers will find out. Don’t use blogging as a chat room. Do not right something mean and right somebody’s name because the teachers will find out.

  5. Victoria says:

    In my opinion I think to be safe on the Internet or Blogging you should:
    *Not write your full name because the blog is shown to the whole world.
    *Don’t tell any one your password or username because they might write nasty things.
    *Do not talk to people you do not know because they might be bad or nasty.
    *Dont type inappropiate language on the internet because the teachers can track youu down.

  6. AnnaMaria says:

    In my opinion l believe you should keep Safe on netbooks and you need keep your email and your name.

  7. Omar says:

    When you are blogging you should use appropriate words and also make sure that your spelling is fabulous, make great use of punctuation and also make sure that your facts are correct, and that your name is on it (not someone else’s).The reason why, is everybody’s computer/laptop has an unique ip adress, so if you use someone’s name your ip address comes up and then we pay you a visit.Your parents then come in and they hear what you have wrote and the teacher will think of a sutaible punishment.Therefore there is no reason to use somebody’s name, because you will get caught and you will also get in trouble.To finish off people will get upset and they may not be your friend.

  8. Sarim says:

    E-safety is very important because, someone might send you rude messages and if you tell someone your password they can hack into your email.If you find something inappropriate make sure you have a parent with you.Don’t watch inappropriate any unsuitable clips for any age if you are a child.Even all of this can be really dangerous.

  9. Laibah R says:

    1. Make sure you don’t tell anyone your password.
    2. Don’t tell anyone where you live.
    3. Do not speak to a person who you don’t no.
    4. If you find an unsafe website get a Parent/guardian and they will sort it out.
    5. Make sure you watch suitable clips for your age.
    6. Never tell anyone your address.
    7. If a person sends you rude messaages ignore it and tell a parent/guardian.
    8. BE SAFE

  10. Hadiyah says:

    It is important that you are safe on the Internet because when you are on Facebook there might be strangers on it and ask you questions, for example what is your password and where do you live.This is dangerous because they can write something bad and write YOUR address and then people will think that YOU wrote it.
    Be very careful.

  11. Haneef says:

    I strongly belive to stay safe on the internet you shoudn’t talk to strangers for instance on MSN or facebook. On blogging you should use your own Email address in addition you should use appropriate language. You should definetly not show any one your own password. It is PERSONAL! Blogging is not for talking to each other it’s for your learning. When your on MSN or facebook if your account has got hacked don’t hesitate very quickly tell an adult.

  12. Aisha says:

    When you go on the Internet you can make sure that the clip or piece of writing is for your age.If something happens on the internet tell an adult.Do not talk to a strange on the internet because they can be somebody else so watch out and please try to be careful.

  13. Zara says:

    In my opinion to stay safe you should be with an adult if you are on a computer
    in addition,when you are blogging and it says to write your name you should only write your first name.However,some people write somebody elses name.Consequently,if you do write someone else name,the teachers will find exacly who the person is.

  14. Laibah K says:

    When you are doing activities such as blogging, you have to be very careful. I personally believe that that you should use your own name as well as your email. If you do use anyones name, the teachers or adults will find out. If you do think of visiting the blog, make sure you write full, interesting sentences that make sense.

  15. Ateeqa says:

    In my opinion,I think it is important to blog safely because somebody can use your email and could write unapropriate things and the blame would not go on the person’s email,the teacher will trace from which computer it has been sent from and which home it was sent from,so do not write unapropriate words on the internet or a school blog.
    In addition,always stay safe at home as well as in school.
    I hope you stay safe! 😀

  16. Sameer says:

    You should use the Internet very safely becouse they mite be strangers, so do not
    toke to strangers.

  17. Farah says:

    In my opinion when you are blogging you should write your own email. Never use other people’s emails.This is called E-safety. And you should never show your friends or other people your passwords and user name.You should keep your password and user name to your self. Also you should not add random poeple on hotmail or other sites. I also think that you should never go on clips in youtube which is not your for age beacuse you never know if your watching something inappropriate.On you tube you should also have your adults their with you. We all do this to so we can keep safe.
    And we also don’t write inappropriate stuff on the blog because other people from diffrent countries will see it.

  18. Aliza says:

    I strongly believe that when you are blogging or playing activities you should never use people’s email. In addition to you should never tell anyone your passwords or your user name. You shouldn’t add random people on any sites because they might say they are a teenager but they really might be an adult. When you are watching
    clips on youtube you should tell your parents what you are one and if you are allowed
    to watch it. We should never say anything to anyone from other countries.

    • Ateeqa says:

      In my opinion,I think yours was very interesting Aliza because as soon as I read your work it caught my attention! Great work Aliza! 😀 8)

  19. Shaan says:

    It is very inportant to blog safley because the messages you put onto the blog will be seen around the world. This why our work is checked because some things might be inappropriate.

  20. Humairah says:

    You stay safe on the blog by:
    Not writing your full name and your password
    Not talking to people you don’t know
    You must make sure your writing is good and correct
    Get a parent if you find a unsafe website.
    Make sure you don’t tell anyone where you live.
    You must go on websites that are safe for your age.

    • Ateeqa says:

      I believe that Humairah’s work is interesting as well as Aliza’s because I read Humairah’s work and that also caught my attention! Great work Humairah! 😀 8)

  21. Lameesah says:

    In my opinion i believe to stay safe when blogging you should:
    . Never give out your password or details
    . Make sure a responsible adult knows what youu are typing or going on
    . Do not write your full name when blogging
    . Use standard english when blogging
    . Tell an adult when something inappropriate comes up on the computer.

  22. Hafsah says:

    I personally believe,when you are using the internet you must:
    . make sure an adult is with you
    . use appropriate language
    . not giving your password to other people.
    If you get into a dangerous situation tell an adult you trust.
    When you are blogging you should:
    . not give your details
    . write in standard english
    . write your own email not another pupils
    . think about what you are writing
    . check if you have wrote appropriate work.

  23. Monisha says:

    It is important to use your one email do not give it to eneyone at all. When you are blogging make sure you never use some ones email adress because you now that you will be caught by the teacher. And make sure you do not wrong any bad words because the teacher will not post the comment. If you want to stay safe then make sure you do not say bad words,use your one email adress and do not give it to eneyone because then you will get in to trouble.

  24. Falaq says:

    Never tell anyone your password
    Never tell anyone your email address or your password
    If a person writes something you do not like tell your parent or Guardian
    Be safe on the internet
    Never watch inapropriate things that are not sutaible for your age:}

  25. Zaakir says:

    It is important to not tell anyone your email because someone might go on it and right a bad word then you are going to get blamed.You don’t tell anyone your email because there might do something bad with it there might do your work and make it wrong.
    If you use your netbook not correctly then it will not let you passed and you will have to start again or check it again and if it still does’nt be correct you have got see your captcha code.
    If you right something really bad sadly you will get band from the blog and get in big trouble and your parents will come in and the teachers will show what you have written and your parents will make sure you don’t go on to the blog.

    You will have to put appropriate work then your work will go past and if you don’t put a appropriate work then you will not get approved.

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