An adverb is a word that describes an action, telling “how,” “when,” “where,” “how often,” or “how much” an action took place. In the phrase “the cat ate hungrily,” hungrily is an adverb since it describes how the cat ate. Adverbs often end in ly. Some adverbs are: easily, warmly, quickly, mainly, freely, often, and unfortunately.

Adverbs can also start a sentence. eg Quickly, he ran to the shop.

Can you create a couple of sentences that include adverbs?

Please refresh and practice your knowledge of verbs by following the links below.




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4 Responses to Adverbs

  1. Ishaq says:

    Ishaq ran quickly down the road.
    Quickly,go get the pencil.
    She ran off fast to get the car keys.

  2. Aakefah says:

    Slowly Aisha picked up her pencil and began to write.
    Yaqoob ran quickly down the road.
    Miss Cox often plays netball on Wednesday.

  3. Aiman says:

    I walked on the long path and i walked fast.

    I picked up the shoping bags and they where hevey.

    He is very good at art and he drawed fast.

  4. Ammarah says:

    I ran up the road quckly.
    My mum played with the ball with me.
    Quckly I played.

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