What have you enjoyed so far about the sleepover? What games have you played? Did you enjoy your tea? What was the best part? If you were recommending the sleepover to someone else, what would you say?

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17 Responses to Sleepover

  1. Falaq says:

    I think the sleepover was great and the best bit about it was when we watched the DVD.
    I hope we all have another sleepover

  2. Laibah Rana says:

    So far in the sleepover I have enjoyed reading a book in the tent, it was amazing. My favourite game is the maze game because it is quite complicated. I also enjoyed the movie!

  3. Khansa and Farah says:

    The best part of being in the sleepover was when we watched a movie and played with my friends. We played a lot of games such as I pads, Kindles and Ipods. I really enjoyed taking part and I loved the tea.

  4. Samaria says:

    I really enjoyed watching the movie. I played with look look and the tea was mouthwatering .My best part was playing with all my friends. If I recommended the sleepover I would say it was amazing, everyone was so kind and we all went home with a smile.

  5. Victoria says:

    The part I really enjoyed about the sleepover was when we watched the movie(Angry birds Rio) also when we had pizza a chips yum!!! I hope we could do this again. In addition thank you teachers for taking all your time to come.

  6. Aakefah, says:

    I would like to recommend it to someone else because it was very enjoyable. My favourite thing I did was was playing the penguin game. It was hard and we never gave up and eventually we did it. We watched a film called Rio it was really fun. Then we went to sleep I went to sleep in the gazebo! We woke up brushed our teeth our hair and got changed. For breakfast I ate rice crispies. T hen we got to play on the i pads it was fun then we went home.

  7. Monisha says:

    I enjoyed going on the iPads and kindles. Most of us were playing maths games. I think that the tea was lovely and I enjoyed it. The best part was when we all couldn’t, go to sleep and we were laughing. I was Going to tell someone about the sleepover I am sure that they will defiantly come to it as soon as possible.

  8. Lameesah says:

    My favourite part was relaxing in the gazebo while going on the I pads. I also enjoyed the movie we watched.

  9. Musqaan says:

    I would like to recommend the sleepover to someone else because it would be really fun and also it wouldI be really enjoyable.My favourite part was hen we had hot chocolate before the movie and also when we had pizza and chips also a drink.Guess what we watched.Rio and the movie was fun.

  10. Aisha says:

    In the sleepover I enjoyed playing on the technology. Most of us were playing on the maths games. In my opinion I really loved having tea at school it was something different but I liked it. The best part was when we had a great laugh.If I was going to tell someone about the sleep over i am pretty sure that they will be fascinated !

  11. Amna says:

    I loved the sleepover it was great! We played on iPads and much more. The tea was amazing I loved it. If I told someone about this they will really no what they are missing out on.

  12. Aqsa says:

    The sleepover was brilliant I enjoyed it so much. I enjoyed everything and I’m sure so did the teachers! I hope we get another chance to come to the sleepover again. Tea was brilliant and so was the sleepover. The book fair was on they was such good books to read and poke your nose in.

  13. Aisha says:

    I would like to recommend to someone else because it would be really enjoyable for other people to come and have a nice and wonderful time and watching fab movies and when year 3,4,5,6 watched rio and it was actually a fantastic movie and also every single person in the hall loved it.

  14. Laibah K says:

    So far in the sleepover, I have enjoyed watching the movie. I enjoyed playing on the iPads. If I was recommending the sleepover to anyone, I would say it was extremely enjoyable and there were many technologies and books out to enjoy. I also enjoyed playing on the iPads in the tent.

  15. Haiqa says:

    I really enjoyed everything mostly drinking the hot chocolate and eating the biscuits and lots more I hope we have another chance to have a sleepover so thank u all the teachers.

  16. Jazla says:

    The sleepover was too good I enjoyed every bit of it. Mostly watching the film rio it was so good so I would like to have another opurtunity to have a nother sleepover like
    this one thank you a lot to all the teachers

  17. Nicole says:

    I really liked the sleep over it was fun.

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