100 word challenge for year 3.

Write about fun something you did last Saturday (A birthday party or any family occasions). What you did, when you did it and who you did it with. A hundred words no more no less.

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  1. Malaika says:

    Last Saturday i went to the park and played loads of games like hide and seek, duck duck goose and a diffrent cind of game it was tig but i played it like this one person choses a couler and whoever has got that couler on like a bag dress and loads of things that are only that couler the person who chose that couler has to catch them and if they have cached them that has to cach another person who has that couler.

  2. Aisha M says:

    Last Saturday i went to the park to play games like tig and seek i no a different tig that you can play one person has to choose a coulor like purple then that person has to catch some one with that coulor on and i plyed other games like run around the block.

  3. dhanyal a says:

    Last sunday i went to Blackpool with my fmily except my mum and sister.I went with my dad and brothers,uncles and friends.
    We went on the motor way we saw sheeps, cows, ambulances , policemans, video vans,helicopters rivers and the oceon blue when we made it there we went to Richards belive it or not. we saw a humanges tap with no end parts and water coming out it’s inpossible we tryed to figre it out but failed we thought to move on we saw a jungle then it was a creepy area my family and friends got scared wepast it and then we went in aroom where it all turned we got out and we magicly came in the shop again.Then went to pleasure beach were the rides were and went on all of them we won every thing i went in the ride called the infusoin it was a rollercoaster it said it’s scary but it was’nt we went in area were the scary clay models scared us it didt friten me a bit!!!
    my friends fainted half way i had to carry all of them!

  4. Dhanyal a says:

    ~last saturday i went to manchester and i was in a resturaunt called lahore
    and i was very hungry i had money to spend so i bought a char grilled chicken burger with fanta.I got free lolliepops put i brought it for my brothers and sister
    mum and dad.I got on the coach with my bags.I stayed there for 2 days in a
    hotel.No one came with me iwas on my own my mum and dad were happy that i could take care of my self.My family knew i went and knew i had money on me but they liked the lolipops i took for them.I bought a few things for my brothers and sister i bought a dress for my sister.I bought a yellow toy sweet gun for my little brother and i bought a sweet jar for my brother in year 2.I bought a perfume box for my mum and a 5 T-shirt bag for my dad.The total money i spent was £50.82.

  5. Musqaan says:

    On Saturday I went to the National Media Museum with my mum and my sister. We came back at 3.00 and then we watched a little bit of tv and then my brother wanted to go to town so we all went. From town I got this fabulous coat and we got three fridge magnets for my aunties.After that we had to get into our wedding clothes because it was my cousins wedding.The wedding started at 6.00 and finished at about 10.00.It was in a church and there were lots of people there.We ate chicken and rice.

  6. Hassan says:

    In the morning I was so excited because I going to sleep at my grand parents house and my cousins were sleeping there too.I was so excited because they normelly give me sweets.I wanted to go on the computer but my sister wouldn’t let me.So I played foot ball with my cousin. No one wan because it was a draw.My grand mother called me in to have some ice cream and some sweets.For dinner I had a chapati with chicken. Then I played cricket with my cousins cricket set. We played until bed time.

  7. Ishaq says:

    Last Sunday in the morning I rushed down stairs to play on my Xbox however my brother was already playing. He was playing marvel avengers.The game is a part of burning calories.After my mum came down stairs and shouted at my brother because he was playing Xbox in the morning.My cousins came to my house and ordered a new laptop.The laptop was an windows 8.It was so cool you could turn it into a ipad.My uncle was going to buy lords of the rings:war in the north.The game was you against the monsters.Then we ate some food for our empty stomach.

  8. Aakefah says:

    I bought a rabbit and found out that
    Rabbits can be a variaty of colours eg white and brown.
    In my opinion I think tiger rabbits are the cutest.
    A male rabbit is called a buck a female rabbit is called a doe and a baby rabbit is called a kit short for kitten. All rabbits except cottentail rabbits live underground in burrows and warrens.
    There are approximatly 50 species of rabbits. Rabbits are one of those animals who prick up their ears to be alert of a sound.
    Rabbits eat grass and can drink water.
    I loved it!

  9. Easa says:

    Last sataurday someone slept in my house my dad woke up at six`oclock and woke her up and said do you want any water she ran off.And she be`s wondering around my area.She has nothing to eat and little kids age 9or10 around her.And on sunday i went to mosque and did some Arabic.And came back from Arabic class and went hospital to see my mum and baby boy.

  10. Aqsa says:

    On Saturday me and my sister went to my cousin house because it was her birthday party .We went to the park and played on the swings and slide and we also had ice-cream.

    When we came back we went on the huge bouncycastle then it was time to eat then we were the party hats and we played parce the parcel my cousin won the prize it was a jewrally maker .Next we had to draw a photo the best picture wil win a chocolate box . I had draw a photo of a castle whith flower and green grass.

  11. Ayesha K says:

    On Saturday I woke up I was very excited because my mum told me that my cousins were coming over today. When they came we played outside in my garden. We played outside. Just then my other cousins came. We had lot’s of fun . We played on the bikes and ate dinner outside .We also watched a movie. We had a grand time. We had lot’s of fun.

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