Chicken Diary

Write a brief diary entry to explain your thoughts, as one of the chickens.
What was it like to finally hatch out of the darkened space?
How did u feel when u found out you were no longer alone?

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22 Responses to Chicken Diary

  1. Ishaq says:

    When I first saw the chicks I felt SHOCKED!!! I saw 7 eggs and 3 chicks.It was so CUTE I felt like picking one up. I thought Mrs Leadbeater would pick one up and let us feel it.

  2. Easa says:

    When I first saw chicks I felt SHOCKED!!!I saw 7 eggs and 3 chicks.It was so amazed when i saw them.They were so cute that i loved them,and i wanted to keep them and take them home.I really thought that how did they come out of they eggs?Mrs Wright and Mrs Thiru,were really worried.

  3. Hassan says:


  4. Maariyah says:

    I am a chicken that just hatched out of my shell. The light is in my eyes. My fur is very fluffy. Everything looked really bright. I was very hungary so i pecked at my food. I was excited to see the new world.

  5. Abdur Raheem says:

    When I hatched out of my egg I looked all around me. All I could see was lots of chicks sorounding me. I was very warm was also very hungary. I wonder what the new world holds for me.

  6. Yaqoob says:

    When I went to see the chicks they were so cute and sweet.The chicks in the egibator were puffed up I thought they were puffed up because they might have been to hot, got their fur out to make them warm

  7. Aisha says:

    When I hatched out of my egg I started to look all around me I thought to myself where am I, the place was full with egg and I was the only egg to hatch,I was also the only chick. Then all of a sudden I saw that some eggs had gone and been taken to a separate box ,the eggs got replaced with chicks that looked just like me. Next I started to play with the chicks, then two huge hand came in the box and then I started to run beacause I thought the human was going to hurt me, then all of a sudden I hit the glass and went on the ground then the human picked me up. The human checked me and gave me some food and drink

  8. Aminah says:

    Dear Diary,
    I feel really exited because I am not alone in a shell no more ,I have friends to be with, before I was in a dark scary place all alone. I want to always stay happy with my freinds. I do not like it in the shell were it is dark. I am having a great time with my new friends who play with me.
    I am tierd now I’m going to rest

  9. Mustafa says:

    I am a chick that has just hatched out of my egg. I have the softest fur ever!
    The light is coming in my eyes. I am happy to be around the other chickens and look forward to playing with them when i grow a bit bigger. I wonder what this new world is going to be about.

  10. Hashim says:

    I have just come out of my shell to see what this new place is like. I feel nice and warm with the other chicks around me. I feel thirsty and hungry. I am glad to be out in the sunshine. I cant wait to play chicken run!!

  11. Viktoria says:

    When I saw the other chicks was wondering where I came from. I am happy to come out of my shell. I look around the other chicks and look forward to playing with them.

  12. Ammarah says:

    First moments of a baby chick:
    I opended my eyes and it was dark.I started to move and hit the walls then the walls craked and fell
    open.I saw lots of light and colours of all kind, I also saw alot of plants. After a while,I got lonely and
    hungry .Soon my mother came back and fed me some food, i had no idea what it was. She explained how this was going to be my new home she also explained what every thing was, the trees, the sky, the water, the air and people. She told me how I would make lots of friends and grow to be independant.

  13. Nicole says:

    when i hatched out of my egg i viewed the area around me, i was shocked to see my chick brothers and sisters for the first time. There was a wonderful smell of fresh air, i saw lots of people looking at me. It felt amazing to be in the world for the first time and as i let out my first tweet i realized how good it is to be alive.

  14. Aakefah says:

    Dear diary,
    I was really jolly because I was going to hatch out of my shell next it was very exciting, I was no longer alone. I lots of friends to play with. I couldn`t find my legs then I found them, I tried standing up on them but they were no use. I kept on trying and then I could stand. It was a very good day.

  15. Hassan says:

    Suddenly, I woke up in a very dark place all squashed up. I felt like I was stuck and I couldn’t get out. so I thought that maybe I should use my beak to peck at the shell to break free. So I pecked and I pecked until my beak started to hurt. I pecked one last time and then it CRACKED! “I’m free”!!!
    I felt a strong light hurting my black eyes so I kept my sleepy eyes half closed. I looked all around me and I saw my brothers and my sister all happily playing together. This made me feel excited and I couldn’t wait to play with them.
    BUT then I saw these huge creatures smiling, staring and pointing at me!
    I wanted to run and hide but they could still see me. I tried to run under the egg shells and over the egg shells but they could still see me. I was feeling petrified!
    After lots and lots of running around I realised that these creatures didn’t want to hurt me and they just wanted to look at me.

  16. Hamza says:

    Dear Diary,
    Today was the biggest day of my life, it was my birthday! This morning I hatched out of my dark, warm, cosy and safe egg, into the bright noisy world. I felt overwhelmed. Gradually I got used to my new home. I love being with my new family. I have so much fun. I’ve had a long adventurous day. It’s bedtime now so I have to go. Speak to you in the morning. Good night.

  17. Amna says:

    When I was waiting for my egg to hatch, I heard a crack. It scared me, I saw a light shining threw the crack. The crack got bigger and bigger, until it all broke off. It was very bright and noisy. I saw lots of chicks running about. I was hungry, tired and very scared!

  18. Imaad says:

    It has been 15 days now since I have been in this egg. I’m ready to hatch, so here goes!
    I need to get some air so I will have to get near the air cell. I have been pecking at my shell more than a thousand times with my egg tooth. I have made my way through the shell and i can breath air directly from the outside. I have stopped pipping for almost eight hours beacuse I need to rest.
    In the meantime, I am accomadating my lungs to the outside atmosphere.

    I am going to have to continue pipping if I am to free myself from this shell. I have turned slowly inside my shell and my egg tooth is chipping away at the egg. I have now been pushing at the egg cap ( large end) for the last 40 minutes. Just one last hard shove and I have broken free! I’ve hatched! I’m very wet and still panting from the hard work I’ve been doing but I’m glad to be out so that I can have a run around. Hello world… What a lovely place to be!

  19. Ayesha k says:

    One day I was ready to come out of my shell.My egg was starting to crack. When my egg cracked guess what i saw? I saw a wonderful world. As I
    watched the other eggs crack.Then I saw that three eggs were cracked. We saw a group of children looking at us.They said we were cute and fluffy.I said “cheep,cheep” very cutely. We were yellow with orange beaks.We also were very small in a huge world. That was the time I cracked out of my shell.

  20. Khadijah says:

    Dear diary,
    Today the chicks have just came out of their shells. I am so excited to see them I feel as
    if I found some new friends. They saw my face when they first opened thier eyes they were
    so happy but some of them were still asleep I am waiting for them to wake up. Two of the chicks have not came out of the shell yet I am a bit worried. But I am still happy to play and care for the chicks that have already came out.

  21. Kasim says:

    When i woke up i was shocked…there were tiny little chicks. Now i am not alone in a shell anymore. There were 7 chicks and 3 eggs. Now am not the only one who is in the terryfing egg.
    I wanted to pick it up but i could’nt because miss did not let me touch them.

  22. Subhaan says:

    The chicks will think that where are we?what is this place called?what are these people?when I saw them came out from the eggs.they were looking so cute and soft.I might take them at home with me because I like them.

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