Dragon description

Write a clear description about the dragon shown. What is his behaviour like? Is he feared by other dragons? What are his special powers?

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  1. Ishaq says:

    The dragons fierce is 100%.The dragons statstics is 5/5.Its name is night fury.The dragons wains is in his wing witch he flys with.He has a nasty habbit of eating human beings.

  2. Nilima says:

    The dragon’s claws are very vicous because it might scrach you somewhere in the body.He has long nails so he can attack people who ever touches it.It has black scales all over the place.Also it has so many spikes at the back so he could attack people at the back.He has his wings as shaped like a green leaf.

  3. Easa says:

    The dragon has wings that can fly and some smoking skills.It has a fierce smell.But it has sharp wings and comes out of baby eggs.When it grows a bit bigger it will train it self and get more action skills.

  4. Farzana says:

    My dragon is sensible and listens to me and doesnt be naughty he is a perfect dragon for me to use he can fight when I want him to his name is leon and can breath lots of fire and can roast your food if you Teri him to do something he will do it

  5. Yaqoob says:

    The dragon has light blue wings which are very big and they are very sharp pointed at the top and you can see their vains inside the wings.It has a very long neck and a very skinny stomachand one leg that is shaped like a zig zag and a tail leading under his leg.

  6. Hassan says:

    My dragon is called the The Furious Fire and it has a nasty habbit of setting it self on fire and is one million percent dangerous.Anyone that touches it can die painfully.

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