Silly Stories

Write a silly story with a silly character here.

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  1. Ishaq says:

    One day Silly Billy wanted to stay good.Well he messed up his deal because he tripped over,swung on chairs and did not look where he was walking.He went to the farm and milked the lambs.He pressed the bottle so hard the bottle smashed.He wore a 20 sized shoe and the other 10x bigger.His pants were half red and half multi coloured.His t-shirt was lighting so if he puts the t-shirt on light it will glow.He had bold hair with a hairy chest.He quickly ran off to rome just of the hairy chest.

  2. Easa says:

    Lazily,Billy woke up and made silly mistakes in his personel story.
    My character is so silly that he has 2 sized shoes that were little for him,10 sized clothes that were big for him and he had a big hat that had a flower coming out from top of it.
    He was ugly because he was doing silly things.Consequently something strange happened to Billy,afterthat sadily Billy had thrown all his clothes away that was silly!
    At that moment he was thinking that he can improve himself by not making stupid things happen.
    Adoraby my look was really really bad because in my whole life i made silly mistakes everytime/everyday.

  3. Aiman says:

    Lazily,Tilly always did silly things.Once Tilly fell off the chair and once he was so silly he was sleeping and fell off his own bed.He did so many silly things and BOOM! BOOM! BANG! and…he got so silly that everytime he did silly stuff.Once he wore big spotty shoes,and small top with stripes,and his tall as a big fat tall house and he did not look where he was going and talking and once he said hello to his own self.

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