Subtraction problems

Look at the questions below and explain your answers to each.

Question 1
The town of Sterling recycled 385 aluminum cans in January of 2010. It recycled 562 cans in March of 2010. How many more cans were recycled in March than in January?

Question 2
Mrs. Stoller reads a lot of books. In a week, she has read 361 pages. Mr. Stoller also reads a lot of books. He has read 481 in a week. How many more pages has Mr. Stoller read than Mrs. Stoller?

Question 3
In a game, a house on McLean street sold for £119 less than the house on Templeton Lane. If the house on Templeton Lane sold for £475 how much did the house on McLean Street sell for?

Question 4

Jada’s Flower Shop sold 1,260 flowers in 2010. It sold 1,347 flowers in 2011. How many more flower did it sell in 2011?

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