Description task

Look at the image above and imagine you have to write a description of this dream holiday home.
How would you describe the home and surrounding area? What clothing would you ask people to bring? What should they pack in their suitcases?

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6 Responses to Description task

  1. Laiba says:

    It has snow all over the ground.
    There’s one smowman.One horse
    with a roundy sledge.The house
    looks creepy.One big tree with lots
    of big branches.

  2. Ramiz says:

    You should bring
    and 2 pair of socks.
    It is buetifal and amazing everyone els would like to go.
    It is hot inside and it has cosy beds.There is a white pony
    for you to have as a pet.It is 7 or 8 hours a day of snow.
    You can make lots of things!
    It is coulerfull and there is internet.

  3. Aqib says:

    The picture looks very haunted and scary. It has a lot of snow on the branches, the leaves have nearly fell of no more leaves left on the branches and it is lovely snow flying from the sky and it is a beatiful white horse with big fur. A lovely house with lots of snow on top of it.The gate is full of snow first the gate was black and know it is all white. And the trees were all brown and green but know the trees are all white evrey single thing is white. It has no car park because if people park up there the car can get stuck in the snow. Thats why the car is in the car park or they might not even have a car. The snow is so big it is biger than the gate. Later evrey body is going to go outside and play with the snow.

  4. Sara says:

    It is a lovely picture and the snow looks cold and the white horse looks beautiful and it is a lovely picture because it is beautiful and the house looks warm and safe. The snow man is wearing a hat, gloves, and scarf. The place is wonderful and beautiful the horse likes eating and running a lot.
    It was a nice time over there the lights were very bright the people were very nice and they had lovely ideas and lovely pets too. They liked the winter house because they had a great time the pets were running. They all had a great time as well they loved the horse they loved to feed the baby pony food.

  5. Iqra says:

    This holiday home is nice there are white horses and has a nice and lovely. And is snow white. It also has lots and lots of trees. It has worm snowy white house and snowmans.The snowman is made of snow.

  6. Laiba says:

    There’s snow all over the ground. The house looks creepy. There is a horse with a roundy sledge. One snowman made from ice to me.

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