100% attendance

In 3C we have had the highest attendance rate for the last two terms at Bankfoot. Why do you think 3C find it important to come to school on time everyday? What is the most exciting thing about school? Do you enjoy your lessons? Which is your favourite one?

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2 Responses to 100% attendance

  1. Ateeqa says:

    Hi mrs cox how are you all doing at bankfoot. Here at grange I am having a wonderful time I have lots of new friends and teachers. I hope everyone is enjoying bankfoot. I really miss my old friends and teachers but I cannot talk to them because I don’t meet them anymore neither do I meet any more teachers. But I wish I could come back to bankfoot with my old friends and teacher. Hope you have a great time teaching bye!

  2. Laibah R says:

    Well Done 3c! Keep up the good work 🙂 I still wish i was in primary school! 🙁


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