Robinwood – Day 1 – Valley Group

Getting ready to conquer Everest!

Scaling new heights!

The dreaded Piranha Pool!!

Keep your feet up or you might lose a toe!!

A well deserved feast…

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33 Responses to Robinwood – Day 1 – Valley Group

  1. Farry numaan's mum says:

    Have a good time guys. Missing u already Numaan and emaan. You all look great hope u all have a great time love u muwaaaaaaaaaaah xxx

  2. Farry numaan's mum says:

    Hi me again. Can I put a request to the teachers. Plz if u don’t mind can u put a picture of Numaan if u and his friends just want to see what he is doing if u don’t mind. Plzzzzzzzzzz
    Thank you

  3. Fatima emans sister says:

    Hello Eman, hope you are well and having loads of fun! xx

    • Eman says:

      Hello, I am having an amazing time at Robin Wood! I went on the Trapeze, it was scary! I am really looking forward to the adventures tomorrow! Bye.

  4. Sarah's mum says:

    Hi Safah, missing you loads, seen the photos you chimpanzee! Bet you’re loving the climbing. Love u. Enjoy yourselfxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Safahs mum says:

    Hope your feeling ok. You will be tired tonight. Make sure you go to sleep

    • safah says:

      Hi mum miss you sooo much. Hope you are ok and everyone else. I had a really good sleep and was fresh for the morning. The staff in Robin Wood have washed my clothes so when I get back you don’t need to wash them. I wish I could stay here a bit longer because I have had fun on so much activities which are climbing the cave and the trapeze.

  6. Emaan mummy says:

    Hey Emaan, how are you? Hope you’re having lots of fun and enjoying yourself.
    Mustafa, Ayana and Daddy say hi and have lots of fun.
    I’ve seen your pics. You look like you’re really enjoying yourself.
    Have lots of fun. Bye my dear.
    Allahhafiz xxx

    • Eman says:

      Hi mum . How are you? I really miss you and yes I am having fun. Sorry I couldn’t text back but I didn’t have time. Anyway how is everyone at home? Bye got to go, talk later. Bye, see you, love you.

  7. Miss Risdale says:

    Hi guys,
    You look like you’re having a great time. We are missing you all, the classroom was very quiet this morning. There are some messages on the Robin Wood page for you. We have been busy writing poetry and we started our collage this afternoon. I hope the rest of your stay is as exciting as your first day. I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures when you get back.
    Miss Ridsdale

  8. Farry numaan's mum says:

    Thank you Mrs Boota, I really appreciate the picture.

  9. Naz says:

    Hi shabaaz seen the pic you all having fun
    Enjoy yourself love you lots miss you mum xx

  10. safahs mum says:

    Morning Safah, hope you had a restful night. Are you ready for your challenges today? Missing you so much. Love you.xxxx

  11. Abdur-Rahman's Mum says:

    Hi Abdur-rahman!

    hope you are enjoying yourself? All the pictures look great. It looks like you are all having lots of fun.
    Everyone is missing you here! Take care and have lots of fun.

    Mum x

    • Abdur Rahma says:

      Hi Mum

      I am missing you very much and looking forward to seeing you later today. I am having a great time at Robinwood. We are going climbing shortly followed by archery. I am looking forward to archery. I haven’t been getting up in the middle of the night 🙂 only for praying though. Mrs Boota is really impressed with me. Love you lots and miss you.

      Abdur Rahman

  12. Farzana.nosheen says:

    Hi Ayna, I’ve seen your pictures and I hope you are having fun

    • Ayna says:

      Yes mama I am having fun. I love you soooo much and I am glad that you are happy with my pictures. Love you more than infinity. Bye (-:

  13. Farzana.nosheen says:

    I miss you Ayna sooo much and I’m happy that you are having FUN!! Is everything ok with you and your friends? Say my Salam to everyone!! Bye 🙂

    • Ayna says:

      Hi mama I love you and I miss you even more. Tomorrow I am going to come back, so you will be able to see me. Love you sooooooooooooooooo much.Bye

  14. Sabah says:

    Hi Sabah it’s ahdil hope u having a good time and we want to see pictures of you doing activities xx and hope you have fun we miss u a lot

  15. Mrs Iqbal says:

    Hello Bankfoot
    Hope you all have had a great day and enjoyed your challenges. How was the piranha pool activity?
    Looking forward to seeing you guys back tommrow. Take care and have fun..

    Mrs Iqbal

  16. Mrs Iqbal says:

    Hello Usmaan
    Hope you have had a fantastic day ! Missing you loads especially this morning.
    Grandma is missing you alot too and is looking forward to having you home soon.
    Have fun and enjoy your evening..

    Mum x

    • Usmaan says:

      Hi mum

      I am missing you too and Grandma. A few hours to go and I will be back home with you. Can’t wait to tell you and the rest of the family about all the activities!
      Got to go.


  17. Nadia says:

    HELLO!!! I am having a blast at robin wood, thank you for organising our trip I have made a new friend and he is called Deaen. He makes my laugh and he Calles me Nanear but I do like it. He used to call me noodles. I hate that name!!!!!!!!!! We go bed at 9:00 and we wake up at 7:30 I am a good clime deaen was impressed he never knew that I can do that.

  18. Zakria says:

    Hello 5P. It is really fun at Robinwood. I’m missing you all very much. There are lots of activities of which rock climbing is great as I can get to the top in 20 seconds. I will see you on Thursday. How is football? Oh I was in the Piranha pool and something bit my shirt…It was really scary- arrrr!!!

  19. Emaan says:

    Hi Mum it’s me again. How is everyone? Really miss you, alafizz, got to go.

  20. Safahs sister says:

    Hello Safah it’s me Haleema. How are you? I can tell you’re enjoying yourself by seeing all the photos, the chips look yummy! Have fun on your activities and we are excited to hear all the stories you have to tell. Make sure you rest plenty and stay safe. We have a very big weekend ahead! Take care of yourself and be a good girl. Lots of love from Mami, Mamu, All your sisters, the kids and Umair.xxxxxxxxx

  21. Abdur Rahman says:

    Hi Mum . How are you ? I really miss you and yes I am having fun sorry could not text back to you because we didn’t have time yesterday. Anyway, how is everyone a at home? I hope all is well.

    Bye…got to go…talk later . See you tomorrow. Love you lots

    Abdul Rahman

  22. Mahmoud Musa says:

    Hi my lovely son Mostapha , we missed you so much my son, I hope you have afantastic time with your classmates. I miss your voice.

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