Robinwood – Day 2 (Wood Group)


Great team work!

Smelling the mud!Muddy grounds!

The dreaded Night line!

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18 Responses to Robinwood – Day 2 (Wood Group)

  1. Naz says:

    Hi Shabaaz mum here hope you guys are having fun
    Seen all the pic”s lots of wonderful activities exciting challenges …..missing you loads shabaaz Lots of love mum xxx

  2. Mrs Bharaj says:

    Wow Year 5 and 6-you ALL look like you are having such an amazing time. I have never seen Mrs Boota with such a big smile! Nice to see that you are well protected and Alysha, I will be asking you about that smelly mud. Fingers crossed for some sunny weather tomorrow for you and I wish you all a very safe trip back to Bankfoot. Can’t wait to hear all about your caving and climbing and overall experience.
    Mrs Bharaj

  3. Nusrat says:

    Hi Emaan
    It’s mummy how are u hope u are having lots of fun
    Daddy and ur brother r saying hi aswell
    Hope u have been enjoying yourself with every one and so some new activities aswell
    See u tomorrow
    Bye !!!!

  4. Afshan Mirza says:

    Hi Hassan
    seen your pics; seems like your having lots of fun. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time at Robinwood and we will see you tomorrow Insha,allah.. Love mum

  5. Mrs Boota says:

    Hello Mrs Cox

    Second day nearly over- a very long but enjoyable day indeed! Awais ensured I was as muddy as the rest; he pulled me down the muddy hill with him! The children are having a great time.
    Need to have a good rest now! See you tomorrow .
    Good night.

    Mrs Boota

  6. Razia Saleem says:

    Asalamualaikum Muneeb

    Hope you are ok. All the activities seem so challenging but fun. It’s so great to see all these pictures of you and your friends enjoying yourself. We are missing u so much and can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Take care everyone. And best wishes to you, your friends, classmates and teachers.
    Mashallah all the hard work your teachers are doing is really amazing-we appreciate it!

  7. Ghazala says:

    Salaam Haasher
    It is good to hear that you are having great time masha Allah . I hope you are listening to your teachers Be good and enjoy your time. See u tomorrow Insha Allah xxx

  8. Sana's Mum says:

    Hi Sana

    I hope you are enjoying yourself. You are so lucky; i’d love to do all those activities! Ayman is saying, “Please come back!” Everyone is missing you, especially Lola. I hope you are enjoying yourself too Mrs Boota.

    Sana’s Mum xx

    • Mrs Boota says:

      Hello Sana’s Mum

      We are having a brilliant time. Sana has been extremely brave during all activities. I am very proud of her 🙂

      Mrs Boota

  9. Afshan Mirza says:

    Hi Hassaan

    Seen your pics seems like your having a very good time. Can’t wait to hear what you did there, enjoy the rest of your stay and see you tomorrow.

    Love Jawaad, Umayr and Dad

    • Afshan Mirza says:

      Hi Hassaan
      It’s Jawad. It is very quiet without you at home- missing you loads. This will remain a very memorable trip for you seen as this is your last year in Bankfoot Primary!

  10. sajad khan says:

    Hey Bankfoot
    Looks like you all having a great time..
    OWAIS SEEN YOUR PHOTOS. ….keep enjoying your self….
    Looks like the teachers are having fun too…lol


    • Mrs Boota says:

      Hello Owais’ Dad

      Owais and the rest of the children are having a great time. Owais has been facing his fears with some very challenging activities; he has been VERY brave!

      Mrs Boota

  11. Jessika says:

    Hiii everyone 🙂
    As I can see, you are having a great,fantastic and fun time!!! 😀 We are also having fun and right now we are watching Frozen ! We can’t wait until you all come back and play normal GOOD football with you. 😛 🙂 🙂 😉

  12. Simra says:

    Are you having a wonderful,fantastic and fun time at Robin Wood? We are having fun right now because we are watching Frozen but Maryam, Aqsa and Sumayyah are singing let it go because they like that song.We can’t wait till you come back and have more fun at school and have fun playing football.

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