High Adventure Residential

The setting for our residential trip this year!

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  1. Miss Cox says:

    This looks like a fantastic trip!

    • Mr Hameed says:

      Hi Miss Cox, the trip is brilliant and a lovely experience for the year 6 pupils, especially the team building exercises and the underground maze (lets just say its not for the faint hearted!).

  2. zahraa says:

    I can’t wait to do these amazing activities.

  3. Hinna says:

    Hello Zaynab and Zahraa, it is Hinna and Farah. Hope you have a good time.

    • Zaynab and Zahraa says:

      What did you do today?
      We are having a great day! Lots of activities!
      Canoeing and then the Labyrinth.
      We got really wet!
      Missing you both.

  4. Anwer says:

    How is everybody doing today?

    • Eesa S says:

      Hi. How are all of you? It has been very fun and we even did canoeing. We did a pirate ship game too. We broke a lot of ice on the water and it was freezing cold! Miss you all.


      • Sohale Saber says:

        Assalaamu’alaykum Eesa,

        Happy to know that you are doing well and having fun.

        We are all doing well and everyone is missing you.

        Enjoy yourself and have a great time.

        Dad and family

      • Sohale Saber says:

        Eesa S,

        Make sure you keep yourself warm!



    • mrsperry says:

      Hi Anwer, hope you have had a good day. It has been great here so far and I am looking forward to archery.

      What are you baking tomorrow?

      From Mrs Perry

  5. Is everybody having fun, especially the teachers.

    • mrsperry says:

      Musa we are having a good time and the teachers have taken part in all of the activities. I went through the maze on my back pushing myself with my feet.
      Mr Hameed had fun on the low ropes and ended up falling off. Mrs Irfan scored well in archery and Mr Bacon flexed his muscles rowing on the lake.

      Nice to hear from you boys – Be good!

      From Mrs Perry

  6. What is everybody doing?

    • Janisha and Zaynab says:

      So far it has been very fun, we have done low ropes, canoeing, team building games and labyrinth which is an underground maze.

  7. How is everybody doing today?

  8. How are you all doing?

  9. We wish you well and even if you are scared, don’t be and be determined to carry out all of the activities.

    • mrsperry says:

      Thank you Abdullah for your advice.
      We are all trying really hard and nobody has backed out of any activities.
      We are having great fun and wish you were all here.

      From Mrs Perry

  10. hinna says:

    Hi Ayesha, it’s Hinna. Hope you are having a good time!

  11. Nahida habib says:

    Hi Alishba, hope you’re doing good and enjoying your first day out!
    Missing you.
    Mum, Dad, Zari and baby

  12. Are the teachers alright especially Mr Bacon and Mr Hamid.

    • Mr Hameed says:

      Hi Musa and Anwer thank you for your message. We are really enjoying ourselves and are having so much fun. I will post lots of pictures

      Mr Hameed and Mr Bacon

  13. Hinna says:

    Are the ladies and gentlemen alright?

  14. abdullah says:

    Hi Talha, what did you do today?

    • Talha says:

      I went on some canoes in the morning,and after dinner [5:30] we went in
      a labryinth – an underground maze. It was really warm in there, we had to lay down and find the exit!

  15. Imamah says:

    Hi, hope you’re having fun

    • Emily, Alishba, Simona and Sofia says:

      Hi Imamah, it’s really fun here. We did archery and low ropes and Simona got stuck. I am sharing a dorm with Simona, Alishba and Kiera-Leigh. We went into the labyrinth, and it was super fun and warm down there. You don’t know what you are missing out on!!

  16. Anna says:

    Hope you are having a great time!

    • Emily, Alishba and Simona says:

      Hi Banana, I hope you are having a fun time at school. We’re having a super -duper time here. We went to do archery, labyrinth and low ropes today. Simona’s foot got stuck in one of the activities and she fell – but she’s ok and we had a good laugh about it.

      The dorms are called: Aire, Wharfe and Nidd. Our dorm is Wharfe and in it are: Alishba, Simona, Emily and Kiera-Leigh. (We have bunk beds) Simona and Alishba , Emily and Kiera. You don’t know what you are missing out on here. Simona has lost her voice with all of the laughing, talking and giggling we have been doing.

      We are now going to have some hot chocolate, so ‘night night.’

      see you soon.
      From Simona, Alishba and Emily

  17. Nahida says:

    Hi Alishba I hope you’re having a super time! Enjoy it. From Zariya

  18. K. Khan says:

    Good evening Year 6. I hope you have arrived safe and well and enjoyed your first day at the residential. Looking forward to your comments and photos!

    • Isra, sofia, Janisha and Hajrah says:

      Good evening Mrs Khan
      Hope you have had a good day in school.
      Our first day here has been fantastic!
      Lots of fun activities.
      We wish you were here.

  19. Amber Hussain says:

    Hey Hamzy (aka HH!) Hope you’ve had a fab fun- filled first day… missing you already! Take care kiddo!

    A. Hussain

    • Hamza says:

      Hello mum, today was a really good day. The labyrinth was amazing!
      Looking forward for tomorrow’s activities.

      • Amber Hussain says:

        Salaams Hamzy… just seen the pics…looks like you are having a blast! Make the most of tomorrow… it’s what memories are made of… missing you kiddo… can’t wait to see you tomorrow!


        • Hamza says:

          Salaam mum…. today has been a really really good!!!
          We went abseiling; rock climbing up a really high wall (and I reached the very TOP); archery which was fun and team building games.
          I really miss you and can’t wait to tell you all about it tomorrow.

  20. Mrs Bibi says:

    Hi Mustafa and the rest of year 6. I hope you’ve had an amazing day 1 and enjoy it more tomorrow, missing you loads, have fun and stay warm x

    • mustafa says:

      Hi mum, I have had a wonderful day- canoeing was ace! I got very wet.
      Later in the evening, I went into the labyrinth and I became very warm because it was quite congested. Missing you too. x

  21. Mrs Khan says:

    Hi Zahraa! Hope you and your friends are having an amazing time .. we are missing you already. Lots and lots of love from everyone

    • Zahraa says:

      Hey mum,I’m having a great time.we went canoeing and the Labyrinth.It was great,hope you are having a lovely time.
      Miss you loads and see you on Friday.

      • Mrs Khan says:

        Wow that is amazing! Counting down the days till you’re back home again. Make sure you attempt all the activities. How are the teachers doing?

  22. Janisha says:

    Hi Janisha, how are you doing? Hope you are well and are having a good time.

    • Janisha says:

      I am good thank you, I did archery and went on the low ropes I also went in the underground maze. The underground maze was very fun!

  23. Lea-Anne says:

    Hi Emily hope your having lots of fun, we are all missing you ( especially the cats lol ) …. enjoy yourself love you mum xxxx

  24. Imamah says:

    Hi alisba,huzaifa told me to say he was missing you.sorry its so late

  25. Alishba says:

    Hi mum, I’m missing you too, it is fun here.

  26. Fatima says:

    Hi Alishba, its me fiya and sabah x Hope you are enjoying yourself look after yourself x Love you

  27. mrsperry says:

    Hello to the rest of Year 6 – I am missing you and wish ALL of 6PB were here!
    Today we went canoeing (it was freezing). We had to break the ice on the water.
    We were set a pirate bush-tucker trial and our team won!!! Kiera-Leigh was super at rescuing the icicle.

    I hope you have been excellent junior teaching assistants. Have a great film day tomorrow.

    From Mrs Perry

  28. mrsirfan says:

    What a fantastic day!
    My group did team building activities, archery, low rope assault course and the Labyrinth.
    You would have loved doing the activities.
    Hope you have a fun day tomorrow!

    • Mrs Wright says:

      This all sounds wonderful. It’s great that you are all having so much fun.
      I hope you enjoy Thursday also…keep safe and have lots of fun.

  29. btissam brouk says:

    hi.I am the mother of Sofia. I want to have news about my daughter.thank you.

    • sofia says:

      Hello mum this is Sofia. I have had lots and lots of fun and laughs ;o)
      Today I did rock climbing and achieved my target of reaching the top!!!
      I can’t wait to see you tomorrow and tell you all about it.
      Love from Sofia xx

  30. Haris says:

    Hi, Have you done the leap of faith yet?

    • mrsperry says:

      Hi Haris. It is nice to hear from you. We have decided not to do the leap of faith but we are going to do the zip wire instead.

      We are looking forward to seeing you and the rest of year 6.

      From Mrs Perry

  31. Imaan.E says:

    Hi, how are you lot?

  32. Hello 6PB, this is Abdullah and Izaan. We want all of you to be resilient especially when you are scared.

  33. Hinna says:

    Good morning everyone!

  34. Are you having a good time? We are making buns today. What activities are you lot doing today?

  35. burhaan says:

    How are you guys doing? We are making buns today. Who did the leap of faith? We are having fun today. We are doing no work. How is Mustafa doing.

  36. isra dad says:

    Hi, how are all of you? Hope you have good time!!!

    • Isra says:

      Hi dad
      I have had a great day today. How was yours?
      I climbed to the top of a climbing wall and achieved my target. I also did archery and team building activities. I will tell you all about it tomorrow.
      xlove you
      From Isra

  37. burhaan says:

    What activites are you doing today?

    • mrsperry says:

      Hi Burhan
      Today we did archery, team building activities, low ropes challenge and abseiling.
      It’s been great fun but a bit scary at times especially the abseiling but we felt a great sense of success when we had finished.
      We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and telling you all about it.

  38. Amber Hussain says:

    Hey Hamzy! Hope your residential is going really well so far… and you’re having a grand old time… looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

    Mum xx

  39. Sofia says:

    Hi Laiba, how are you doing? Hope you are doing all the adventures and enjoying them too. Your sisters are missing you. Take care and be safe!

    • Laiba says:

      Hi mum. I miss you too. I have been participating in ALL the adventurous activities. The abseiling was the scariest – but I did it and now feel proud of myself.
      I also miss you Aleena and Zunairah. I will see you tomorrow and tell you all about it.
      Good night xxx

  40. Mustafa says:

    Mustafa sends his love to you all :o)

  41. azar says:

    Hi Janisha. I hope you are having a nice time. We are missing you. Amina is messing about and we can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

  42. Kiera- Leigh says:

    Hello mum and Dad, this is Kiera-Leigh. Today I went abseiling – it was really scary because you had to lean back with one rope holding us. It was the scariest one out of all the activities. I was frightened but excited at the same time. Only one person missed it because she was too scared. I went on but it was really scary, I thought I was going to drop. But now I am feeling happy and really proud of myself.

  43. Aliya (Hajrah mum) says:

    Hello Hajrah
    Missing you hope you are enjoying yourself
    Love mum dad and m,ali

  44. Miss Cox says:

    Hi – How are you?
    I am ok and have enjoyed all of the activities. Yesterday we did canoeing, abseiling and climbing. I loved abseiling the best. It was a bit scary but I did it!!!

    Today we are going to do the zip wire and high ropes. I will see you soon and I am looking forward to see you all and eating your lovely food mum. x

    From Janisha

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