Day 1 photos High Adventure

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  1. ISA AJAZ says:

    BY ISA

  2. shahjahan saddiq says:

    Hello M Eesa, looks like you and your friends are having a lot of fun. I hope it warms up tomorrow – don’t forget to wear your woolly hat. Love Mum, dad and Aisha

    • Eesa G says:

      Hi mum,
      I am having a great time!
      This place is amazing and there are too many activities to complete.
      By the way, I did not bring my woolly hat.
      See you tomorrow!
      Lots of love.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Nadeem Gulzar says:

    Hi Eesa G

    I hope your enjoying yourself, looking good with your Orange hat

    I’ll keep on checking the pictures everyday, also now that your their I can finally watch the television I’m catching up on Mo Vlogs

    Anyway I hope you and your friends have a good time and make the most of it.


    • Eesa G says:

      Hi Dadda
      Thanks for your comment.
      It is great here and I don’t want to come back!
      Even though, last night I packed my bag to come home!
      That’s another story for another day!
      Lots of love. xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Sofia says:

    Hi Laiba seen some pictures of you hope you are having a great time. Miss you

  5. Zenub bibi says:

    Talha I hope your okay from your sisters and mum

  6. Miss Cox says:

    Looks like a fabulous time so far. Did anyone hit the bullseye in Archery? Hope you are all fast asleep ready for tomorrow’s activities.

    • Mr Hameed says:

      I did miss Cox and also the girls did really well 🙂

    • Hajrah says:

      Mr Hameed was the only one who got bulls-eye!
      Simona and Alishba were very close to the target.
      We played an archery game and Simona was going to Paris in a submarine with Mr Hameed and 50 pounds was our spending money.
      Alishba was going to Bradford in a horse and cart with Mrs Irfan and 500 pounds was our spending money.
      We will explain the game when we get back to school.
      We are all enjoying ourselves and don’t want to come back!

  7. Sohale Saber says:

    Assalaamu’alaykum Eesa S

    MaaShaaAllaah, wow you are so brave.

    Keep on learning new skills!

    Enjoy the rest of your time.

  8. Btissam says:

    Ciao sofia . Mi hai mancato tanto .
    Abbiamo visto le tue belle fotos, devertiti e
    un grande bacio della parte di mani papi e Sabrina.

  9. Aliya(hajrah mum) says:

    Hello Hajrah
    Hope are having fun
    Love mum dad and M. Ali

  10. Aliya (hajrah mum) says:

    Hello Hajrah
    Hope are having fun.
    Love from mum ,dad and M. Ali

    • Hajrah says:

      Hi mum,
      It is fun!
      We went canoeing and abseiling today. I jumped into the freezing cold water and obviously got very wet.
      We will add some more pictures today in the evening.
      Lots of love. XXX

  11. Mrs Khan says:

    Looks like everyone is having a very good time.

  12. Nahida says:

    Hi Alishba,
    Hope you are well. Seen all your pictures! It looks super fun! Hope you have another fun day.
    Love you loads.
    Mum, Dad Zari and Hani.

    • Alishba says:

      Hi mum,
      I am fine and it is great fun here! Today we did some abseiling and canoeing.
      I loved canoeing and I got very wet.
      See you tomorrow.
      Lots of love.xx

  13. Btissam says:

    Ciao sofia .Cosa stai facendo adesso.
    Mi hai mancato tanto.
    Baccio xxxx

  14. mohammed alkaragoolee says:

    Hello Omar
    We hope you are enjoying and having a lot of fun.
    Love from me, mum, sisters and brother.
    We miss you a lot!

    • Omar says:

      Thank you for saying all the kind words.
      I miss you all too.
      I have been canoeing and even jumped into the water. It was freezing cold but I enjoyed it very much.
      Insha’Allah see you tomorrow.
      Lots of love.

  15. K. Khan says:

    Good evening Year 6 children and staff. How was your day? So far the pictures look fantastic! Nice to see you all having such a good time. We had a productive and fun today too where the rest of the year 6 children baked cupcakes in the morning and designed their very own popcorn holders. Then in the afternoon we watched The Lion, The Witch And the Wardrobe. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Take care and enjoy your last day

    • mrsperry says:

      Hi Mrs Khan and the rest of year 6. We are glad you had a good movie/baking day. We have done many activities today including: abseiling, low ropes, team building (where we had to rescue Bob), archery and rock climbing.
      We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. We hope the weather stays dry.
      From the residential team at the outdoors centre.

  16. Zariya R says:

    Hi Libby, missing you.
    Are you having fun?
    Hani is missing you a lot.
    See you on Friday.
    By the way I get to keep the remote!
    Love Zariya

    • Alishba says:

      Hi Zariya, Yes we are having fun!!!!
      We went canoeing, abseiling and rock climbing today.
      I am sharing a room with Simona, Emily and Kiera.
      We are in bunk beds and I am on the top.

      See you tomorrow.
      From Alishba

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