Day 2- High Adventure residential photos

Farhans 15th crisp packet

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4 Responses to Day 2- High Adventure residential photos

  1. Huda,ayia,sarah says:

    Hi Isra, how are you doing? Was it fun today?

  2. shahjahan saddiq says:

    Hello M-Eesa, how are you today? We are all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. What shall l cook for tea or would you like to go to Frankies?

    Love you xxxx

  3. Aliya (hajrah mum) says:

    Hello Hajrah
    Did you enjoy making your own sandwich?
    Love from mum , dad and M.Ali

    • mrsirfan says:

      Hi mum,
      Yes I did enjoy making my sandwich and Mrs Perry graded it as Expected Plus.
      That means I can cook my own meals from now on!

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