RobinWood 2019

A selection of photographs from our first day at RobinWood

Trapeze instructions
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6 Responses to RobinWood 2019

  1. Miss Cox says:

    A fantastic day so far. The children have loved all the activities and have worked on some skills such as making their own beds and putting dirty washing into a laundry basket!
    We are still completing some activities as a whole group at the moment, and they are enjoying trying to beat the teachers team in the group challenge. Hot chocolate awaits before preparing for bedtime soon.
    We will share some more pictures tomorrow. Hopefully a good sleep by all will be had.

  2. subhan says:

    Hi Sulayhman, it looks like you are having fun. We have been eating s pizza special made by us.

  3. Ismail says:

    I miss you all and it is good in school because we made pizza .

  4. hi hamza. Hope you are having a great time. we are all missing u

  5. Fakhira says:

    Hi maheen hope you are enjoying yourself. The photos look like youre having fun.
    We all miss you. Look Forward To seeing you tomorrow.

  6. Haleeima says:

    Hi Dad, it’s me Haleeima – I really miss you but I have had the best experience ever! The best activity was rock climbing because it was really fun because I climbed the highest. I miss you but will see you soon tomorrow. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Say Hi to everyone.

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