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This week we have been looking at Folktales. One story we looked at was Puss in Boots. This contained many folktale features such as the number three, magical features, goodies, warnings, tricksters/disguises and special language. Can you please re tell … Continue reading

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These are the images of some of the giants from The BFG. If you had to design your own giant, what would yours look like? Can you please describe your giant. What is it’s name? What is the main feature … Continue reading

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100% attendance

In 3C we have had the highest attendance rate for the last two terms at Bankfoot. Why do you think 3C find it important to come to school on time everyday? What is the most exciting thing about school? Do … Continue reading

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Description task

Look at the image above and imagine you have to write a description of this dream holiday home. How would you describe the home and surrounding area? What clothing would you ask people to bring? What should they pack in … Continue reading

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Silly Stories

Write a silly story with a silly character here.

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Dragon description

Write a clear description about the dragon shown. What is his behaviour like? Is he feared by other dragons? What are his special powers?

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Chicken Diary

Write a brief diary entry to explain your thoughts, as one of the chickens. What was it like to finally hatch out of the darkened space? How did u feel when u found out you were no longer alone?

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Poor Tudors

What did the Tudors wear and what did their houses look like?   Can you write a 100 word explanation about this?  Think about the deign of the clothes  and the buildings and how they were made. What material did … Continue reading

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Where does the apostrophe go? Beat the Clock Apostrophes Can you choose the correct place to put the apostrophes? Play the games to see how you get on.

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Favourite Subjects

What is you favourite subject? Give reasons why you think that the subject that you have picked is your favourite subjects Tip – Use SPaG SPaG = Spelling, Punctuation and Grammer

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