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Equivalent Fractions

Use this to help you match up equivalent fractions.

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Chicken Diary

Write a brief diary entry to explain your thoughts, as one of the chickens. What was it like to finally hatch out of the darkened space? How did u feel when u found out you were no longer alone?

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Where does the apostrophe go? Beat the Clock Apostrophes Can you choose the correct place to put the apostrophes? Play the games to see how you get on.

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Perimeter level activities Use the following link to see if you have understood what the perimeter is.

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Separating magnetic and non-magnetic items

Play the video to find out information on how magnets can be used to help separate materials and metals.

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World Book Day 2013

Spy Dog’s Got Talent Watch and listen to the story. Do you think it is a good story? What makes it interesting for you? Do you think you would be able to write a story that other people would want … Continue reading

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An adverb is a word that describes an action, telling “how,” “when,” “where,” “how often,” or “how much” an action took place. In the phrase “the cat ate hungrily,” hungrily is an adverb since it describes how the cat ate. … Continue reading

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The snowman that came to life

During the past few days, lots of snow has fallen. On Sunday, Miss Cox decided to make a snowman in her front garden. With pebble eyes and a carrot nose, Miss Cox felt proud of her creation. Unfortunately, on Monday … Continue reading

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Blogging safely and staying safe on the internet

Please listen to the following Voki and answer the questions given.

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World Book Day – The Great Pet Shop Panic

The Great Pet-Shop Panic from WorldBookDay's StoryTimeOnline on Vimeo. Watch the video clip taken from the World Book Day Website. Please comment on the story. Did it entertain you? Do you think you could write a story similar to it, … Continue reading

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