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Subtraction problems

Look at the questions below and explain your answers to each. Question 1 The town of Sterling recycled 385 aluminum cans in January of 2010. It recycled 562 cans in March of 2010. How many more cans were recycled in … Continue reading

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Addition problems

Please work out the maths questions below. Show any methods you may need to use to find out the answers. Miss Magee’s left arm is 47cm long. Her right arm, which has lovely painted nails on the end of her … Continue reading

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Maths Challenge

Can you answer these calculations? Can you explain the stratergy Mrs Keelers Group 567.80+95.43 Mrs Thiru’s group 342.00+78.43 Miss Risdale / Mrs Bell ‘s  group 48.00+23.50  

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Perimeter level activities Use the following link to see if you have understood what the perimeter is.

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Carbon Footprint

How much CO2 does your lifestyle emit in a year? Calculate your carbon footprint and find out what impact you are having on the environment. Carbon Footprint Calculator Once you have have calculated your footprint, see what changes you could … Continue reading

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Doubling strategy 2

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How many legs?

A school bus travels from Leeds to Bradford.  There are 4 children in the bus. Each child has 4 backpacks with them. There are 4 dogs sitting in each backpack. And every dog has 4 puppies with her. All these dogs … Continue reading

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