Year 3 have a go at persuasive letters

Over the the last few weeks Year 3 have been producing work based around the book The Famous Five – Five on Treasure Island by Enid Blyton. This week they had a go at writing persuasive letter. They had to imagine they were the character George from the book and they had to write a letter to her Father to convince him not to sell Kirrin Island. Below is Jayven’s first attempt, he did very well indeed.


Dear Father,

I am writing this letter to persuade you not to sell Kirrin island to the antique dealer and, I hope you will take the time to consider the points made.

Firstly, I will have nowhere to play if you sell. If you sell the island, we wont have any more things from the family history.You said you need the money however, Instead of selling the island me and mother will get jobs. I don`t want anything else you said you’d buy me I just want my island. Also, if you sell the island, I will not touch a penny of the money you get!!!

You said the man wants to build a hotel on it however, you could build a hotel and get lots of money because lots of people love staying in a nice, cosy, warm hotel. Father,  you do not know what it is like to be on the island because you have never been there to see the castle or to see the ship wreck , so how would you know if it is great or not. Why don`t you go and see it?

Mother even promised that I could have the island and you should never break a promise and I am really hurt that you gave me the ship wreck and the island just when it wasn`t worth anything.

Yours Faithfully,


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