Good Luck Grace And Eden

Today we lost two members of our school. They have moved house and so are moving schools. The people who we are talking about are two amazing students Grace, year six, and Eden, year two. Grace and Eden are very upset along with all of their class mates. Grace and Eden have been hear a very long time, especially Grace. Grace has been here since reception and that equals, six years, three months and three weeks. Eden has been here also since reception and that equals, two years, three months and three weeks.

All of Blakehill are extremely upset to see these two extraordinary students to leave Blakehill Primary School. All of their class mates wish they could stay, also the school and the teachers of Blakehill. Grace and Eden have received lots of presents and cards from teachers and their friends.

We all hope the best for Grace and Eden! We hope they do well at their new school and make lots of friends as well!

Good luck Grace and Eden!!!!!

By Elyse

  1. Awww thank you! x I will miss you all xx Ive had such an amazing time here and im so super devastated that i cant do the blog anymore ;( Hopefully my other school has a blog, i know thay have a website but if they dont have a blog im totally recommending it. p.s dont ever forget me pp.s am i so super amazing though?

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