School linking year 3

After a lot of work, of letters and posters year 3 have met up with the Children from Westbourne again. Back in November they all went to Nellbank  and met for the first time and then this week they were reunited when Blakehill went to Westbourne to pay them a visit. school.

It was a fantastic day! when they arrived they were greeted with banners and lots of smiley faces and after meeting their partners again and a quick game they were straight into some of the fun activities they were doing throughout the day. The activities included; parachute games, a QR code trail, Venn diagrams and a 1/2 faces activity finding out the similarities the pairs shared. Before they came back to Blakehill all the children met in the hall and reflected on the best part of their day before saying goodbye to their partners. I hope they all had a great day because I know I did when I did it last year !

By Emily Mae

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