Lego Workshop

On Thursday 12th May Year 2 did a Lego Workshop and on the 13th May Year 5 also did a  Lego Workshop. The person that came in was from the company called Junior STEM, the word STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths. The man that came in was called Mr Hawken. We had to make a merry- go- round and to do so we had to include: a laptop, a censor, a motor, a hub and lots of Lego pieces. On the laptop we looked at the instructions that were given to us by Mr Hawken and then built it with the lego pieces.We also learnt how to programme them to spin  with a computer. Finally, we made backgrounds and tunes to go with this. Everyone enjoyed it and wished he could come again sometime.

By Tom and Max


Year 5 Lego Robots on PhotoPeach

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