Year 4 visit DaneLaw

This week, Year 4  went to Dane Law and became Roman soldiers for the day, it was very exciting!First we got into groups then we picked some people to pull a wooden cart. After a little walk we arrived outside a Roman fort made of wood. Standing in the entrance was a Roman soldier guarding the way.Quickly, we got changed into Roman clothes for our adventure back in time.
Next, we went to make clay oil lamps, which was great fun. We even got to decorate them! After that, we learnt to write in Latin, just like the Celts would have. Some people found this hard but eventually they got the hang of it.
Soon It was lunch time and we got a Roman feast of chicken legs, bread, cheese and ham. Then we ate some grapes and hobnobs. After lunch we trained like soldiers and defended the fort. When people arrived at the fort they would have to say a password to enter. Just before we left a rowdy Celt arrived at the door threatening us and we had to fight her off using all our training. It was a great day back in time and I would love to do it all again!

By Emily-Mae

Year 4 go to Danelaw on PhotoPeach

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