Maths Mastery Week

In a galaxy far away, where maths was the only thing you needed to survive in the Trianguloid, Blakehill have been learning about Maths Mastery. A boy will save the planet earth but will he do it before its too late? This week we have had some special guests in school to help us with our maths by putting on a star wars show including maths and a very catchy theme tune, “he was a skater boy said see you later boy….” Ok nevermind about that! In class we have been doing mastery tasks exploring all things to do with shape and making sure we understand it really well!

By Emily Mae and Mckensey

  1. I saw some fantastic investigations and problem solving across the school this week! Mastery is all about being able to use and apply your skills and understanding – something that was demonstrated by the children more and more as the week progressed! Well done to everyone for their hard work and a special mention to Mr. Sidebottom for organising the drama performance that got the week started and provided an interesting stimulus to get everyone thinking! Mr. Rhodes.

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